4 Outsourcing Strategies That Work to Streamline Laboratory Billing Services

Posted May 12, 2021 by in Career

It is crucial for a lab practice to have people who are specialists in overseeing significant major insurances. Your staff needs this information for precise payment posting, denial management, and revenue cycle management. This is vital for your business to streamline your laboratory billing services to maximize your monthly revenue performance. 

Any lab professional understands that it is so hard to get paid for their rendered services. About 70 percent of medical services providers express that it requires approx. thirty plus days to reimburse their revenue completely. 

Different issues like unclear communication and sophisticated tedious billing processes complicate the revenue cycles. The communication triangle between the patient, you, and the insurance agency worsen the situation. 

To get paid legally and efficiently, lab practitioners need to pool their assets and set up better frameworks and methodology that give enduring achievement. It is advisable to outsource your laboratory billing services to an experienced service provider.

The professional team of medical coders can help you at every step of the medical coding and billing process. They can help you reduce your overhead costs and improve cash flow apart from improving the efficiency of your lab business.

This blog can help you to know how outsourcing strategies offer you solid guidance and concrete advice to optimize your collection procedures or billing tasks. 

Train your Employees:

Preparing your front-end resources to manage distinctive billing situations. Your staff must completely outfit with the standard strategy for each billing scenario. Setting up an authority to oversee coding and billing processes at the front work area is valuable to tackle uncommon circumstances. 

On the patient’s end, urge your front-end staff to be inviting yet firm in their methodology towards reimbursement issues. You could request that your staff communicate payment options and pending dues to your patients when they affirm a meeting. 

Another compelling method to manage overdue is to outsource your laboratory billing services. Experts billing professionals give your staff communication guidelines and scripts that aid them to remain respectful while asking for payments. 60 percent of patients mostly pay the incomplete sum on schedule in the event that they’re given an estimation at the hour of services. In this way, send an estimation quickly to track down your expenses.

Transparent Collection Procedure:

Lab practices ordinarily have too much going on. Consequently, in the event that you don’t have a legitimate cycle to manage problems related to payments, it can cause numerous issues for you. You can manage repetitive payment processes by outsourcing your laboratory billing services to a third-party service provider. 

Billing experts provide you all the details in a comprehensive document that acts as a standard rulebook for all your staff. They ensure your staff understands their responsibilities and each step during the billing processes. They help you get familiarized with the collection process in detail and help you educate/train your staff via training seminars, etc. 

They provide you effective strategies that help you set up clear assumptions with your patients about the payment terms when they fill out the intake forms additionally accelerate payments. Likewise, making this data accessible openly on your site, desk work, and oftentimes posed inquiries area eradicate any uncertainty or ambiguity. 

Additionally, characterize different payment choices to your patients from the beginning to try not to get installment through unsupported methods. Posting your obligations and collection process close to the secretary work area for simple accessibility is likewise an extraordinary alternative.

Properly Manage Claims:

Did you know that almost 80% of medical bills contain errors? Many such erroneous claims get denied easily due to the strictness of insurance policy payments. On the off chance that your system fails to get these rejections and possess denials quickly, you will not get paid by the insurer payer. 

In this way, you must ensure you have a proper denial management system to deal with the resubmission of the claims and optimize laboratory billing services proactively. Your priority should be to make sure you diminish the number of rejected claims. In any case, if you still face claim rejections, make sure you resubmit claims within the week.

Mostly denial occurs due to the following reasons:

  • No pre-authorization code.
  • Incomplete or inaccurate Insurance information.
  • Omissions or errors related to coding and charges.
  • No enrollment of the provider or credentialing errors.
  • Filing claims past the stipulated time.

Therefore, when you outsource your laboratory billing, expert billing professionals can help you avoid denials by:

  • Filling all the significant fields in the claims document accurately.
  • Submitting the claim with the complete correct patient details like name, DOB, phone number, and address.
  • Identifying key denial reasons.
  • Cross-checking the entered information and double-check it for accuracy.
  • Simplified overall billing & optimize laboratory billing services.
  • Fix the medical billing and coding errors on time.
  • Patient eligibility verification.
  • Reduce human error.
  • Claims/denial management.
  • Quick payment.

Streamline Revenue Cycle: 

The main step for expanding income in your practice is to streamline the revenue cycle. Decreasing operational expenses and expanding income helps in revenue cycle management. 

To smooth out the revenue stream in your lab facility, you should keep an eye on important practice operations i.e, account receivables, billing details, late payers, etc. It is likewise imperative to implement new strategies to improve revenue and track the financial performance of your lab business from time to time. 

Moreover, streamlining the laboratory billing services is vital for expanding income in your facility. It could be possible if you take the assistance of professional third-party service providers. When you outsource, billing professionals improve performance by assisting you with recognizing potential slacks and possible lags. 

They are knowledgeable about taking care of billing and know each and every potential mark of carelessness or all the possible points of negligence. They prevent denials as they have good contacts in the insurance companies. They ask them for a speedy claim process on behalf of their clients.

Furthermore, picking the privilege outsourcing company certainly upgrades the billing cycle of practice and drives in more income.

As a lab practitioner collecting your hard-earned money and meeting the market demands is quite tough. However, when you have the knowledge and right tools by your side, nothing could be impossible. So, educate yourself, set up processes, and file some claims today!

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