4 Reasons Why You Should Spend Your Summer in Greece

Posted August 29, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Many travelers are familiar with the sunny, lively beaches of Spain and Italy but often overlook Greece. As a result, they miss out on the culture, history, and natural beauty that this country has to offer. If you’re planning your summer vacation this year, consider spending it in Greece!

In addition to fantastic beaches and beautiful weather, there’s plenty to do for nature lovers (hiking opportunities abound), foodies (local cuisine is amazing!), or history buffs who want to explore ancient ruins. This diverse destination offers something for everyone which is why it’s been a popular tourist spot for many centuries!

Here are some reasons why you should spend your summer in Greece:

It’s Easy to Travel Around Europe from There

It is so easy for you to travel around Europe and this is very convenient for a person who really has a big heart for traveling as you can see more than just one place on your trip. There are many islands in the surrounding area as well, and all of them are a must-see so make sure to book a ferry ticket with a service like Lets Ferry and explore as many places as possible. You want to make the most out of your vacation, so make sure to plan your travels so that you can budget for other countries as well.

You’ll Experience Many Different Cultures and Landscapes

Everyone knows how beautiful the European continent is, but we need you as the reader to truly understand that Greece is an exceptionally breathtaking destination. It has a lot to offer to tourists such as the rich culture, the landscapes that are too die for and the amazing views. You will be surrounded by crystal blue waters that look a lot better in reality than on an image and there is so much to learn about how politics and nature has formed the beauty of the infrastructure that is found in Greece. 

You can even take it upon yourself to learn Greek for the holiday as it is not a tricky language to learn and you will be surrounded by many Greek people. ANother thing that is important to note is the influence of Greek mythology on the infrastructure such as certain monuments and temples which were made in honor to the Greek gods and goddesses.

The Food in Greece is Amazing

The food in Greece is honestly one of the greatest highlights about travelling to Greece as it is all about lots of fresh seafood and locally grown products. Grilled meat, the infamous Taramasalta, olives and olive oil, moussaka are just a few exotic dishes that await you in Greece and many will say that you have to at least try the courgette balls or the layered baklava when you’re in Greece in order to say you were truly there.. 

The typical Greek restaurant is usually not too big and the prices are quite affordable with a variety of classical Greek dishes. In terms of the atmosphere, there is usually always music playing and a lot of liveliness and entertainment for you to join in on.

It’s an Affordable Vacation Destination

The cost of living in Greece is much lower than most other European countries, and in fact everyone is well aware of this and knows that it is a cheap vacation destination to travel to. The average cost of living for one person in one month could amount to as little as around a thousand euros, and in terms of what kind of accommodation is offered, you’ll find that there is a variety of accommodation on offer from really expensive accommodation to really affordable accommodation – you simply take your pick in terms of what you want and where exactly you want to stay on your trip depending on where you want to go. 

These are just four reasons on why you should spend your summer in Greece but there are so many other reasons as to why you should be saving up to spend your next holiday in Greece such as the ambience, language and honestly so much more. Don’t sleep on Greece! Book your ticket now.