4 Reasons You Should Get a Mental Health Evaluation

Posted June 28, 2022 by in Health + Fitness
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Despite being so commonly overlooked, mental health is an essential part of a healthy life, and an excellent mental health evaluation can help you better understand your mental state. 

A professional mental health evaluation will look at common warning signs of stress, anxiety, or other issues affecting your day-to-day activities. Hence, we all know that our neuro system operates our whole body, so if you find yourself or any of your known suffering from any mental problem, then it is very necessary to do all kinds of BrainHealth solutions to prevent any mishappening.

Mental health evaluations are typically done by licensed therapists or psychologists who can help their patients recognize red flags in their thought patterns. They can quickly reveal if you’re struggling with any of these issues and suggest steps to resolve them.

To help you better understand the importance of mental health evaluation near me, we’ve compiled a list of four reasons why you should get a mental health evaluation from Positive Reset Eatontown:

1. You Don’t Know What’s Causing Your Mental Health Issues

Chances are, you know you experience anxiety or depression, but do you know why? 

It’s essential to figure out where your issues stem from so that you can take the best course of action to resolve them. 

A mental health evaluation can help you explore your past, relationship patterns, and even childhood issues that may be affecting your mental health. 

This insight can help you to resolve your mental issues in a way that’s most effective for you.

2. You Have a Lot of Stress in Your Life but Are Not Sure Why

If you’re feeling a lot of stress but don’t know where it’s coming from, it can be tough to get rid of it. A mental health evaluation can help uncover the source of your anxiety by exploring your thoughts and feelings surrounding the stressors in your life

Your therapist will try to find out potential stressors, such as asking questions like, “What are your biggest sources of stress?” and “How do you feel when you’re dealing with these issues?” 

By exploring your thoughts and feelings, your therapist can help uncover the source of your stress and anxiety.  

3. You Feel Depressed and Anxious at the Same Time

If you experience overwhelming feelings of depression and anxiety simultaneously, you might be going through a condition known as comorbidity.

Comorbidity is prevalent among those who suffer from mental health issues, and you must try and get help for this because anxiety can worsen depression. 

A mental health evaluation can help you to discover whether you have comorbidity or two different mental issues. Your therapist can also help you to understand how your two problems interact with one another. This can make your treatment a lot more efficient because you can take two approaches to treat the issues: one for depression and one for anxiety. 

4. You Struggle With Self-confidence and Constantly Feel Like Quitting

Do you have difficulty believing in yourself and feel like you’re not good enough? This is called low self-esteem and can make life difficult for you. 

A therapist can help you identify and overcome negative thoughts about yourself. This way, you can build self-confidence and feel better about yourself. 

Your therapist will ask you questions like, “What do you feel when you think about yourself?” and “What do you think are the qualities that make you a good person?” This can help you understand your negative thoughts and work toward having positive thoughts about yourself. 

Mental Health Evaluation Near Me; Is It Worth It?

Mental illness typically presents itself in ways we’re comfortable talking about—like, say, the obsessive compulsive habits of a friend or the depression of another. But it’s rare to hear someone recommend you get your mental health evaluated. This is because there is still a lot of stigma around mental illness.

People are often hesitant to admit they need help because they feel like it makes them weak. However, getting a mental health evaluation is an important step that could lead to better treatment and even save your life. 

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