4 Reasons You Should Never Flush Wet Wipes Down Your Drain

Posted November 2, 2022 by in Lifestyle
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Wet wipes are used by millions of people. However, a lot of people don’t realise they shouldn’t flush them. There are many reasons why you should never flush wet wipes down your drain. The top four are: 

1. Wet Wipes Don’t Break Apart

Although some manufacturers claim their wet wipes breakdown upon flushing, the truth is that most wet wipes don’t completely disintegrate when they are flushed down the drain. Sure, the wet wipes may easily be flushed down drains, but this doesn’t mean they’ll break apart.  There have been instances in which plumbers have found wet wipes in pipes, even though they were flushed months ago. 

If you flush wet wipes down your toilet, eventually you could end up with a backed up plumbing system. Instead of flushing them, you should throw them in the bin. Otherwise you might be spending a lot of money repairing your plumbing system. Avoid this thing to happen, check your drainage now. Ask Blocked Drains In Wakefield for help.

2. Fragile Plumbing System

If your home is very old, the chances are your plumbing system is fragile. Pipes in older homes tend to be brittle and corroded, which means the last thing you want is to cause damage to them. You should make sure that your home’s plumbing system is up to date and is functioning properly if it is very old. Consider finding a company that’s offering septic installation near you. Older drain lines sometimes are more susceptible to the growth of roots. When you flush things down the drains, then those things could get caught in those roots.

In turn, wet wipes could easily buildup within the drains. They also won’t reach the sewer system. If this happens, then you will need to hire a plumber to take care of the problem. 

3. The Fatberg Effect

You should never flush wet wipes down the drain because if there is grease, dirt and fat within the pipes, then the wipes will mesh with those substances. In turn, an iceberg-like formation is created. These turn into massive clogs that are difficult to remove. 

Fatbergs can lead to costly damage. In fact, you could easily spend thousands of Pounds on removing fatbergs and the damage they have caused. Even fatbergs that are very small can cause a great deal of damage. If you want to avoid having to deal with fatbergs, then do your best to remember to not flush wet wipes down the drain, even if the wet wipes are considered “flushable”. 

4. Damage To The Sewer System

Wet wipes that are flushed down the drain might eventually reach the sewer system. Once the wipes are there, damage can occur as a result. Wet wipes can cause damage to the public sewer system, as well as damage to your septic system. 

Cleanup can easily cost thousands of Pounds. If the problem is serious enough, you might have no choice but to replace your home’s septic system. If you don’t like the idea of spending that kind of money, then do yourself a favour and avoid flushing wet wipes down the drain. 

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If you do flush wipes down your drain, and you end up experiencing issues with your drains or plumbing, then contact a professional. They can determine what the problem is. If it’s related to flushing wipes down the drain, the professionals will let you know and then they’ll fix the problem.