4 Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Posted October 17, 2020 by in Lifestyle/ Shopping

The festive season is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking ahead and budgeting for food, gifts, and other celebratory rituals that you might be taking part in this year.

The Secret Santa arrangement is great for colleagues, friends, and even families who want to spread the festive cheer and can’t afford to spend a fortune on gifts for everybody. It’s a fun thing to take part in, but sometimes it can be hard to know what to get for that individual whose name you picked out of the hat.

Below are four gift ideas you can use for Secret Santa (or in for gifts general) this year:

Need some secret santa gift ideas that are affordable? We got ya covered!

  1. Handmade Soaps

Soap might seem like a boring present, but with so many fabulous artisanal soap makers to choose from, it’s easy to find a quality, luxurious handmade soap that everyone can enjoy. This gift idea is perfect for an individual who likes to be pampered and take long showers or baths.

You can choose from well-known, high-end brands, or find one that is more unique from an independent business. If the person your buying for has sensitive skin or suffers from eczema, look at getting them this goats milk soap for eczema, which won’t irritate it and has a soothing effect.

  1. Luxury Chocolates

The festive season is the time to indulge, which is why splurging to treat someone to luxury chocolates is always a welcome gift. While there are plenty of nice chocolate boxes in grocery stores from more established brands, think about looking at artisanal chocolatiers instead.

They’re more likely to have different and interesting flavors to try than more mainstream companies, making them a delectable treat for the chocoholic in your life.

If you want to upgrade your gift, add a bottle of sparkling wine to it for some extra glamour.

  1. An Experience Day

If you’re looking for a slightly more extravagant gift, an experience day could be a good choice. There are plenty of options to choose from, which means you should be able to find something that suits whoever you’re buying for.

Typical examples of experience days include fine dining at a top restaurant, a trip to the theatre, guided tours, or for adrenaline junkies’ activities like sky-diving and bungee jumping are popular choices.

An experience day is an excellent gift, as it’s a good way to show someone how well you know them and allows them to make some cherished memories.

  1. Art Work

Another good gift idea that could suit any budget is art-work. If they have a favorite film, book, or TV series, you could get them a cool print that has been inspired by it. Perhaps they have a favorite painting or artist; you can get them a couple of prints of their work, too.

Get it framed so they don’t have to and can hang it on their wall straight away.

If you have no idea what to get someone as a gift this year, choose one of the fail-safe options above that will be well-received by anybody.