4 Sexy Date Night Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Posted March 16, 2021 by in Lifestyle

No matter who you are and what phase of life you find yourself in, there’s nothing quite as fun as a sexy date night with the one you love. Some might say making these connections together is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship to take some time away from the day’s stresses of work and family obligations to focus on spicing up your love life—just the two of you. 

In 2019, The Knot shared a study’s results reporting that married couples who had a date night once a month were more likely to be together 10 years later than couples who had date nights less frequently.

If you’re looking for ways to add some zest to your marriage or budding romantic relationship, here are four sexy date night ideas you’ll love that won’t break the bank:

date night ideas

1. Watch a Movie and Get Cozy, aka “Netflix and Chill” 

You’ve probably heard the popular phrase that suggests watching any movie you both like—but the sexier, the better, honestly—then letting nature take its course. The course might wind its way into cuddling or something extra, but settling in together on the sofa with your favorite snacks and maybe your favorite adult beverage offers you some special time together you’ll love.

This is one of the most inexpensive date nights around. For the price of a Netflix subscription and your own snacks, you can enjoy several of these date nights per month and still have enough for an occasional night out.

2. Cook a Saucy Meal Together 

Cooking dinner together is a classic way to bring a couple closer. Choosing a favorite dish, shopping for fresh ingredients, and sharing the preparation chores while sipping a high-quality glass of wine is “sexy date night 101.” The best part is that you can stroll together through your local farmer’s market to select eye-popping ingredients. Once you get home, kick off your shoes, and prepare a sumptuous meal for far less than you would pay at a fancy restaurant.

Search for the best-rated recipe for your favorite dish on the internet, and get to work heating things up. 

3. Plan a Game Date Night for Two 

Forget the classic, wholesome board games or video games for date night, especially if you want to move right to the speed round. Play games like strip poker, naked Twister, or truth or dare. Games give you a lighthearted way to get serious about your sexy date. Anything that helps you both feel relaxed and happy—ideally, sharing some sweet laughs—before getting to the heart of the matter is a winner. 

4. Explore Role-Playing Fun Together 

One perennial favorite for couples is role-playing, allowing you and your partner to dress up to fulfill each other’s fantasies. You don’t have to wait for October to roll around to explore sexy Halloween costume ideas from 3 Wishes.

For women, dress as a vampire mistress, bold kitty, Vegas bride, sexy nurse, rancher cowgirl, or just about anything else you’d like. Men can dress up as cowboys, firefighters, superheroes, and much more. Anything that brings excitement for you both is the right costume. Spending a night exploring your fantasies is healthy, fun, and affordable.

Now that you have four ideas to add some sizzle to your romance on a budget, it’s time to put a few or all of these ideas into action. Cooking, watching movies, playing games, and role-playing are all fun, healthy, and inexpensive ways to spend sexy time with the one you love, adding years of life to your relationship, which is invaluable.