4 Simple Tips To Keep You Eating Healthy On a Budget

Posted October 1, 2012 by in Health + Fitness

There’s no denying it: it’s typically cheaper to live off of pizza than it is to eat kale, quinoa and tofu. There is a way to eat healthy on a budget — you just have to work a little harder (but only a little)! Below are four tips that’ll make your wallet and body happy.

1. Eat More Protein

According to research from Purdue University, following a high protein diet which had 25% of calories from protein was associated with greater feelings of fullness during the day, less desire for late-night eating as well as less preoccupation with food. Go tuna! Great sources are:


Canned Tuna, which is usually under $2 a can, tastes excellent on top of arugula and balsamic vinaigrette dressing!

Beans, which are also high in fiber make the smart, healthy and nutritious buy!

2. Go Shopping Every Other Day

Have you ever tried to be “smart” and shop for a whole weeks worth of food just to find 2 rotten tomatoes and black basil in the fridge on Friday? When the budget is tight, it’s better to buy vegetables for only 2 days at a time.

Beefsteak tomatoes, for example, are usually sold by the pound, and more often then not will cost less than 99 cents/lb.

Btw! Keep the tomatoes AWAY from the cucumbers (in the fridge)! The tomatoes will release “vapors” which will make the cucumbers rot faster. That means money in the trash.

3. Buy The Store Brand

It could save that “ouch” feeling from your wallet…seriously!

4. Buy Big

Buying a 20lb bag of rice for 10.99 (about the size of a toddler) might be a heavy lift (workout anyone?) but could be a healthy, fast delicious way for carbs compared to spending $4 on only a pound of rice.

Try adding dried herbs/spices like turmeric or rosmary to give it a little more flavor. Both herbs go amazingly well with chickpeas and garbanzo beans which will make a great meal filled with protein! Typically when I do this, the 20lb bag of rice last me about 2.5 months.

What tips do you live by that help you eat healthy on a budget? Share them with us in the comments below!

About the Author: 

Tzahalla Kessari is a certified gym trainer from the Wingate Sport Institute in Israel. She decided to follow her dreams in the Big Apple recently and is now an actress who’s a part of the Project Girl Performance Collective based in Manhattan. To stay in touch, follow her on Twitter!