4 Surprising Benefits of Getting An IV Therapy in San Diego

Posted April 20, 2022 by in Health + Fitness

The human body requires many nutrients for healthy growth and protection against diseases. While your daily diet and nutritional supplements provide nutrition, they are not enough. 

That is why many people go through IV therapy San Diego. IV therapy delivers the essential nutrients they are supposed to reach in their most potent form. 

More than 660,000 people in San Diego struggled with cardiovascular diseases in 2015. IV therapies that include calcium, magnesium sulfate, arginine, and tri amino formulas help improve cardiovascular function, the immune system, and offer vital energy and nutrients. Therefore, it makes sense to get IV therapy in San Diego. 

If you want to know about this treatment, here are four benefits of getting your IV therapy:

Woman getting IV therapy

  1. It is more cost-effective in San Diego than in other cities

The cost of UV therapy depends on various factors, such as type of IV, formula, IV brand, and quantity. The approximate cost of an IV formula saline bag in San Diego ranges from $40 to $200 depending on the formula, usage and amount. Many IV therapy centers across various US states can charge around $700 to $800. Besides the therapy cost, the medical bill would also include charges related to hospitalization and consultations. As a result, it is way more cost-effective to get your IV therapy in San Diego.

  1. It is faster and more effective than other methods

Conventional supplements are consumed orally, which means they have to go through the digestive tract and liver to get absorbed by your bloodstream. Throughout this process, the health supplement loses a majority of its potency and may not give the desired result. Conversely, IV therapy involves delivering the nutrient formula intravenously. They are introduced into your bloodstream faster and with more potency. In addition, it preserves the bioavailability of the IV formula and offers faster results.   

  1. Source of hydration and natural energy

People consume energy drinks with high caffeine content and sugary sodas to feel more energized. It is essential to understand that these energy drinks temporarily boost your blood sugar levels, making you feel more energized. However, it increases your sugar intake, which is never good. 

The IV drip treatments are more natural and effective. The IV formulas contain protein building blocks, amino acids, and vitamin B properties that help replenish the lost nutrients, electrolytes, and energy and help hydrate the body and instantly feel energized. 

Many athletes use IV therapies to recover their bodies with nutrients after games. The IV formulas ensure higher and safer recovery and give more energy. 

  1. Provides immunity-boosting antioxidants

Free radicals present in your body can cause oxidative stress, damage the immune system and cause numerous diseases like strokes and cancer. Antioxidants in the IV formulas help find and destroy these free radicals, bacteria, and pathogens that cause infections. Antioxidants like vitamin C and minerals like zinc strengthen your immune system and increase its strength for fixing disease-causing free radicals. 


IV therapies are undoubtedly an effective way to build your immune system, get instant hydration and energy, and provide your body with essential nutrients. Your IV therapist can guide you with the right formula for your therapy according to your health needs.