4 Things an Employment Lawyer Can Help With

Posted January 4, 2023 by in Career

An employment lawyer is an expert in the field of employment. They can help both employers and employees to overcome workplace issues and disagreements.

Hundreds of problems can crop up in the workplace, whether it’s in the tech industry, retail, or healthcare, and most of them are solvable without the need for legal action. However, if the parties involved in the issue can’t come to a resolution, an employment lawyer might need to step in.

Employment lawyers don’t just resolve workplace issues. They can also help business owners with contract formation and termination, the creation of policies, and general legal protection and claim prevention. For this reason, business owners can sometimes hire employment lawyers on a permanent basis to work as part of their team in the long term. 

Let’s cover some of the many ways in which a Calgary Employment Lawyer can help as an employee or employer.

  1. Formation of Contracts

As an employer, you’ll need to provide all of your employees with a legal contract that states the details of their employment. These contracts can be complicated, and it’s scarily easy to miss out on important details.

Errors, misspellings, and missing information in your employment contracts leave them vulnerable to abuse. Your employees might find loopholes that could cost you a lot of money or damage your reputation.

Employment lawyers know exactly what should be in a successful employment contract. They can help you to draft the perfect documentation that protects you and your employees in every way possible.

You can hire a lawyer to read over the final draft if you’d prefer to write your employment contracts by yourself. They will scan through the documents to ensure there are no missing details and correct any errors.

  1. Reading Through Employment Contracts

On a similar note to the above, employment lawyers may be hired by employees to read through employment contracts. Since a lot of employees don’t know what to look for in an employment contract or how to spot misinformation, hiring an employment lawyer can be helpful for many new job starters.

If, like a lot of employees, you only scan through the first few pages of your contract when you start a new job, you might end up missing the fine print. Missing the smaller details of your contract could eventually lead to an accidental breach of contract and resulting legal issues.

An employment lawyer can point out the most important sections of your contract, so you know exactly what you need to do to abide by its stipulations.

  1. Help You to Understand the Law

Whether you’re an employer or employee, you might struggle to understand complicated employment law. Hiring an employment lawyer makes understanding these laws a lot simpler and less stressful.

If you’re an employer, you’ll need to know which rules and regulations apply to your workplace to keep your staff safe and healthy. As an employee, knowing at least the most relevant employment laws to your role enables you to work effectively and avoid contract breaches.

Labor laws constantly change, and having a qualified lawyer to liaise with means you’ll never miss important updates or adjustments. You won’t need to worry about reading up on legal employment law changes, so that you can focus on other aspects of your work.

  1. To Help You With Contract Termination

Your employers can terminate your contract at any point if they have a fair reason for doing so. Common reasons for fair dismissal include gross misconduct, theft, fraud, and sexual harassment.

If you’re an employer, you can recruit an employment lawyer to get a second opinion on whether or not an employee’s actions warrant dismissal. If you decide to fire an employee, your lawyer can also aid in the contract termination process.

If your employer has recently dismissed you on unfair grounds, you should hire an employment lawyer to assess the situation. If the lawyer feels that your employer’s reason for dismissal is invalid, they can work with you to appeal this decision.

Some employment lawyers will represent you in court during a wrongful termination case and others will refer you to a wrongful termination lawyer who is a specialist in this area of the law.

If you successfully win a wrongful termination case, you may be offered your job back. Alternatively, you might be able to negotiate compensation for your losses and any psychological trauma that has resulted from the dismissal.