4 Things That Can Cause Your Garage Door To Break Down

Posted August 4, 2020 by in Home/ Lifestyle
garage door

A garage door is like any other mechanical structure. And just like that, there can be errors in a mechanism that can break down a whole garage door. 

Before collapsing your garage door with after-effects on expenses, it is better to know what the cause of your door breakage is. Here are the four things that can cause your garage door to break down: 

Spring Breakage

When it comes to opening your garage door, two important springs do all the heavy liftings.  Just like there is a limit to everything, these springs are designed to lift up and down for a long time. Though, when the time is up, they break down. This means the lifting mechanism of your garage door is down. It can’t be opened or closed. 

This is a common problem with garage doors. The sound of springs going out is sometimes as loud as a gunshot and the after-effects are too. 

Broken Cables & Tension Springs

How smoothly does your garage door work? It is due to the tension springs and cables. They are an important part of a garage door to work properly without glitches. If anything happens to those tension springs or cables, your door won’t glide down like it used to. This is also dangerous. 

The breakage can cause your garage door to slam down. However, to be safe from such serious injuries you might want A1 garage door professional in Paradise Valley to eliminate all the risks at once.

Track Is Unaligned 

Are you aware of your track’s alignment? Your garage door needs a track to go up and down. If the track is disturbed by any means, the whole alignment of your garage door goes out of hands.

Don’t forget that your garage door is quite heavy. This means if the track is not aligned it will damage your garage door functioning and later the whole mechanism will be destroyed if not taken care of immediately. 

It is just like a train track. Should be aligned and there should be no obstacle in the path otherwise the ride wouldn’t be safe like it used to. Alignment of your track is very important for your garage door to function properly.

Dents On The Door

It might seem like a small thing but causes long-term damage. Leaving a dent on your garage door means it’s open to corrosion and rust. It not only looks unattractive with your home appeal but also risks the lifetime of your garage door mechanism. The life span of your garage door will wear out quickly with dents on it.

If not taken care of, a dent can cause your door to work hard while opening and closing. It may also glitch at times if the dent increases.

All these factors should be taken care of on an immediate basis. Otherwise, the damage would be on your hands. Don’t waste time on thinking to fix it yourself and let the professionals handle the job for you.