5 Things You Can Do To Make Your Next Vacation Cheaper

Posted July 23, 2015 by in Lifestyle

If you are thinking about going away with the girls this year or next year, you are probably already trying to figure out how to pay for it. Let’s face it, vacations are expensive, but that should not stop you going. We all need a holiday every once in a while, to get away from work and enjoy ourselves. Besides, with our great money saving tips, you can organize a fantastic trip with a slashed price. We also have some tips that will help you save for your next holiday as well, so let’s get cracking.

1. Book In Advance

If you go online now and check out some sites such as lastminute.com or Expedia, you will find that the costs are huge for this summer. But if you look at next summer, the costs are slashed. This is the simple trick many holiday goers use to reduce the cost. All you have to do is make sure you are available on those dates. If you are sure you will be, do not bother with travel insurance. This is just adding to the price, and if you are like us, nothing on earth will stop you going on your vacation. 😉

2. Choose The Right Season

Booking far in advance is great but you should understand that sometimes it the prices just stay up. You can book your vacation twelve months before you are due to leave, and mid-July will still cost you thousands of dollars.

The best way to combat this problem is to travel during the off-season; when kids are still in school and most people are still working. If you are traveling to a place like Florida, October is usually the best time. The theme parks are less crowded, and you are out of the hurricane season. Also, consider whether you want to go to a tropical place in the middle of summer. At 12 pm in places like Greece, it is too hot to even go outside. You would be far better traveling there in spring.

3. Take A Chance

This is a bit of a gamble, but it is one many choose to take, for the advantage of saving some cash. On some hotel sites you will find “secret getaways” or “lucky dip.” This means that you do not find out which hotel you are staying at before you buy it. Usually, you do get the star rating so if you book one with a high star rating you are usually safe. There is some risk involved,  but booking this way often means your holiday cost is reduced by more than half.

4. Alternative Accommodations

Of course, you can always consider not staying in a hotel at all. If you are going to a place such as New York, you can rent apartments using a site like HouseTrip.com. We can certainly see the advantages of doing this because you will have your living space. That means you can save money by making your food rather than eating out all the time. You will also find that prices are a lot more reasonable compared to staying in a hotel room.

5. Save In Advance

Using those tips should give you some ways to cut back on how much you will spend. But you need to think about saving money as well. To do this, we recommend researching where you are going and getting excited about it. This way, you will think twice about making a big spend in the build up to paying for your vacation.

We hope you enjoy your holiday wherever you go, whenever.