4 Tips for “Just Sold” Postcards

Posted October 5, 2021 by in Career

Have you just sold a huge listing and you are proud of your accomplishments? Not only are you proud, but you want to show the rest of the industry what you have accomplished! Showing the industry – and potential future clients – what you just did in the real estate world can help you gain new clients and show your expertise in the industry. 

Just sold postcards are one of the best ways that you can brag about yourself – although it may seem like you shouldn’t need to showcase your skills to others, you can use your just sold postcards to broadcast to the general public about why YOU are the best choice for them in their next real estate venture.

Visit site a few tips that professionals have for just sold postcards and some postcard ideas that you can send to your future clients!

4 Tips For Just Sold Postcards From Professionals

Show the value of you and the home

One of the best tips from professionals regarding just sold postcards is that you should show the value of yourself and the home. If you just sold a home that was worth $4 million but you didn’t include the price, then people may think that you just had an easy sale! However, by showing the price of the listing and how expensive it was, it simultaneously shows your value as a real estate agent. It can be hard to sell very expensive houses, as the housing market shrinks the higher in the price you go. By showing that you can sell big houses, mansions, and other expensive properties, you are showing your worth to future clients. 

Show a just sold house

The next tip from professionals in the real estate world regarding just sold postcards is to make it clear that you just sold a home – put SOLD in big letters and show a photo of the house you just sold! You want to make it obvious that you just sold a beautiful home and you did it by yourself. Make sure you include the picture of the house, add a description of the home, how much you sold it for, and use a crisp and clean template. 

Keep it simple

The next piece of advice when it comes to just sold postcards is keeping it simple, aesthetic, and modern. Avoid using too much information and just have bold words, bright pictures, and a photo of the one. You don’t need to include a lot of information about yourself, your firm, or anyone else in this postcard – this postcard is solely to show that you sold a house and you sold it for a lot of money in the process.

Mention the type of home

The last tip about just sold postcards is mentioning the type of home you sold. Was it a huge mansion or was it a city center apartment? Make sure you include the type of home and a photo so those who are in the same boat can use your services. If someone wants to sell their apartment and you have just sold an apartment in their neighborhood, they are much more likely to use your services!

Adhering to these 4 tips from real estate professionals about just sold postcards is the best way you can broadcast your services and gain new clients in the industry. Make sure you keep it clean, simple, and bold – get new clients by showing a house you just sold and how much money you sold it for! 

*Photo by RODNAE Productions