4 Tips for Moving to a Different State

Posted April 13, 2020 by in Lifestyle
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So, you’ve decided to uproot and move to a different state. There are many reasons why you may have settled on this idea. Perhaps you simply desire a change of scenery. Maybe there are more opportunities available for a better way of life. Or it might be a much more cost-effective place to live. 

Even though you’re ready to hop over to another state, this is far from an easy task. There are many different elements that require your attention – otherwise the move will be an unsuccessful one. 

Fortunately, this quick guide is here to provide a helping hand. Take into account the following four tips for moving to a different state:

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1. Research the New State 

It’s a no-brainer, sure, but you have to put in an extensive amount of research about your state of choice. If you dig around enough, you might even realize it’s not the best choice for you and your circumstances. 

At the very least, you should visit the town or city you’re planning on living in. This way you can gain a solid grasp of the area’s vibe, the facilities available, and any local hot spots. 

Other points to research include: 

  • The changes in the cost of living
  • Tax changes
  • The quality and availability of schools
  • Job availability 
  • Climate

2. Pick a Place to Live

Once you have settled on the area, the next step is, obviously, to pick out your new home. As a starting point, find a few neighborhoods that have the right characteristics and are within your price range. To further narrow down the choice, it’s highly recommended you enlist the help of an experienced realtor if you’re looking to buy. Ideally, look for a realtor that is very familiar with the location you’re interested in moving to – for example, if you’re wanting to move to Phoenix, hire a realtor that knows the Phoenix area and each of its suburbs really well. Otherwise, a site like Zillow will suffice if you only plan to rent.

3. Select the Right Moving Company

Journeying out of state is no ordinary move. It’s a necessity that you choose a reputable long distance mover for the job. 

To do this, research the local moving companies that are available. Check the feedback of previous clients and see if they have a proven track record for completing long journeys in a reliable, efficient manner. 

4. Get Your Packing Right 

Alongside a moving company, you also need to get the packing rightIdeally, this should begin a few weeks in advance. Pack all of your non-essentials, aka the possessions not needed during the remaining time at your current home, to begin with. If there are any items you no longer need, donate them to charity.

When packing all of your possessions away, take the time to do so in an organized way. For example, when you’re separating your items into boxes, don’t simply distinguish said boxes in a general manner. You never want to label them as ‘kitchen stuff’ or ‘office items’, as this could get messy when you start to look for specific things after the move. Add a few bullet points onto each box listing what it contains. 

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