4 Tips For Nailing A Job Interview

Posted February 24, 2020 by in Career
woman at job interview

Congratulations! You’ve got yourself an interview lined up for a job that you’ve got your heart set on. They were clearly impressed by your resume and are willing to consider you for the job. The only thing standing between you and the position you want is nailing the job interview

Chances are you’re not the only one that they’re interviewing for the position. You’ll need to find a way to stand out from the crowd to be able to make an impression. One of the best ways to ace your interview is to prepare yourself ahead of time. By equipping yourself with the right tactics, you’ll be snagging the job of your dreams in no time. 

Here are some of the best tips for a successful job interview:

nailing a job interview

Research The Company

There’s nothing less impressive than a job candidate coming in to interview for a company that they know nothing about. By studying what the company is about and what its history is, you’ll demonstrate that you have an interest in the company as a whole.

Try asking a few questions during the interview that suggest you know about the company and have a genuine interest in its future. Smart businesses are looking for candidates that have the interests of the company in mind, not just a paycheck. 

Know Your Experience Back To Back

During your interview, the person questioning you will likely ask you plenty of questions about your experience listed on your resume. You should know exactly what they’re referring to on any part of your work experience listed.

You should know the dates of your previous jobs, names of supervisors, as well as your responsibilities. If you seem confused or unsure about what part of your work experience they’re referring to, you will lose credibility. Above all, don’t lie on your resume because it could come back to bite you during the interview process!

Be Friendly

Even though an interview is a professional environment, that doesn’t  mean that you can’t be friendly and warm. People naturally gravitate towards people with a warm demeanor, big smile, and a firm handshake.

Build rapport with your interviewer by asking them how they are today. Make a casual comment that is polite and totally unrelated to the job you’re interviewing for. Making a good impression involves showing them that you’d be a pleasant person to work next to every day!

Look Them In The Eyes

Eye contact is a must when you’re trying to convince someone of your skills. It shows that you’re confident and direct and capable of interacting with others on a personal level. People who look away frequently or shy away from direct eye contact are non-verbally communicating insecurity and passiveness. 

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