4 Tips to Choose the Best Cat Food

Posted May 17, 2022 by in Lifestyle
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Cats are the most elegant-yet-fussy animal to ever exist. Unlike a dog, a cat can be very particular about its needs and if they aren’t met properly, they will not think a second to attack you, even if you’re the most lovable pet owner.

Ancient Egyptians regarded cats as the sole representative of Gods, and thus cats were worshipped in temples. Shocking, right? So, cats have been proud and elegant beings from the beginning of time, basically.

But nonetheless, we love our furry friends so much to the point that they become our entire lives. So, as a responsible pet owner and caregiver, you should pay proper attention to their health and diet. If even a small mistake occurs, it will impact your furry friend’s health and I’m sure you don’t want that.

So, here are a few things you should keep in mind before you’re opting to buy cat food.

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1. Evaluate their needs

The first and foremost thing you need to keep in mind is the needs of your cat. As human beings, no two cats are the same. Their metabolism, body functions, digestion, and so on are unique for every cat which makes it harder for you to identify their needs.

Typically, during the growing age, that is when they are little kittens, carbohydrates and proteins should cover most of their diet. Tuna fish, milk, chicken (optional), and so on are the few items you can feed when your cat is still an infant.

You should include at least 75 percent of meat in their diet because cats are hardcore carnivores and they need this to survive.

2. Avoid fancy ingredients

While buying cat food, it can be lucrative to buy a new variant of the same due to the fancy name or a new flavour but don’t fall into the trap.

Try to limit experiments with the food you’re feeding your pet cat. Unknown food can put your cat at the risk of falling sick.

So, rather than picking what appears attractive, I would suggest you stick to a common diet plan and food.

3. Keep your cat’s age in mind

When you step out to buy cat food, then you should also keep in mind the age of your cat. As the cat grows older, their diet also changes. A kitten may need more protein-rich food than the older cats.  

So, when they’re old, minimize the protein content in their diet, and increase the number of vitamins and minerals in their diet.

Kidney infection is very common in older cats, and daily foods can be slightly stressful on the organs. The vet can advise you on foods that can protect the kidney and the renal tubules and also, boost their immune system.

4. Read the labels

If you’re new to being a cat owner, then make sure to acquire the habit of reading the labels on the food packages, before buying it for your cat. The main ingredients of the food are generally written on the package itself, and from those, you can tell which variety will be the best for your kitty cat.

Most commonly, cat foods that contain around 75 percent of protein are the best for your cats as they need large amounts of meat to survive healthily. By reading the labels, you can easily figure out what will be the most suitable for your pet.

Look for those that have a high percentage of meat or fish in them. You can also explore https://www.petstock.com.au/cat or other online pet food stores that have options for you to select from.

It may appear simple, but you and I both know it isn’t so easy to choose your kitty’s food. You must pick a diet that is compatible with the cat’s digestion process, provides adequate nutrition, and is also complying with their tastes.

You may take some time to get the trick right, but just be at it and you will prove to be the best cat owner there is!

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