4 Tips to Get and Stay Healthy

Posted June 30, 2020 by in Health + Fitness
woman using phone at gym

Health is wealth, because without it, how can anyone live life to the fullest? Not taking care of the body can not only have long term consequences but can make everything else tricky and less enjoyable in the present too.

If there is a nagging feeling that your health needs to be more of a priority, then check out these tips:

how to stay healthy

Assess What Goes into The Body

The first step on the road to improved health is best started with an analysis of your current lifestyle. Is there any use of foreign substances such as tobacco? Or maybe excessive use of alcohol? Even large quantities of caffeine can have adverse effects on the body, so it is best to write down daily habits to see what can be improved.

 This can include junk food habits, too!

 Tweak the Diet for Health

Diet is the primary way in which the body obtains its energy and nutrients to function. The quality of the food that possesses these vital elements will also dictate the quality, and quantity, that the body receives. For example, the body will gain much more benefit from having consumed a handful of blueberries, boasting a profile of vitamin C, B6, potassium, and phytonutrients, which will serve the body much better than a handful of jelly beans which just contain sugar and artificial ingredients. 

 Start slow and make the necessary adjustments as and when they are noticed, and that should see a significant improvement towards a healthier body.  

 A good tip is, at first, to add in foods rather than take them away. For example, eat the handful of jellybeans, but eat the handful of blueberries too, and then slowly reduce the number of jellybeans.  

A healthy diet should not focus on deprivation, but more on balance!

Clean the Living Space

 One that is often overlooked: a clean-living space is of utmost importance to good health. Keeping on top of harmful germs is essential to keeping the immune system healthy and functioning well. Still, there are also other things to consider when cleaning, such as dust, which can be toxic to the body and mold, which can have devastating effects on the body (and home) if not treated.  

 For those that own a pool, it is also essential to keep up regular swimming pool maintenance, as an unclean unsterilized pool can put people at risk for skin infections and, at worst, bacteria such as E Coli can live in swimming pool water too!

Exercise, but Make it Fun

Exercise is a vital part of keeping the body in good health. An elevated heart rate around 30 minutes per day is all that is needed to enjoy the benefits, and through what medium of exercise this is achieved is up to the person! Pop on some favorite tunes and dance around the living room or have some running races with the children!

Exercise does not have to be monotonous for someone to reap the rewards!