4 Tips to Help You Cope With a Fertility Clinic Experience

Posted October 20, 2022 by in Health + Fitness
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Fertility issues are something that affects a large number of women. According to statistics from the NHS, approximately one in seven couples can have trouble being able to conceive. While fertility issues used to be a taboo topic that people didn’t openly discuss, today, individuals, couples and doctors have become more open with the struggles that are faced. This had led to many seeking medical help much faster.

For those of you who have decided a fertility clinic is your best option for a healthy pregnancy, there are some tips to help you navigate and better cope with the experience.

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Understand What’s Involved with Fertility Treatments

The first step in better coping with the entire fertility clinic journey is to understand what it means. Learn about what these clinics do, the type of treatments available and what your expectations may be. This can be done by doing research online, asking questions of others who have been through the process and talking to the clinic itself.

Before you can begin any treatment plan, you’ll need to go for an assessment at a fertility clinic. This is your opportunity to ask additional questions and take the research you’ve gathered further and deeper. It’s wise to write down your questions and concerns so nothing slips your mind at the moment. 

Create a More Flexible Schedule

Another tip is to prepare yourself for appointments and treatments that can “interrupt” your routine. Accepting that you need a level of flexibility will be wise, as this allows you to go with the flow, make changes to your calendar and not feel stressed and anxious about it.

Find a Clinic Geared to Your BMI

It’s also worth noting that not every fertility clinic will be right for each person. You may have specific health needs or concerns that the clinic has experience with. One issue women can have is finding a fertility clinic with no BMI limit. For those seeking IVF, with a BMI over 40 UK, it may not be as fast and smooth as you had expected. Finding a fat positive fertility clinic is made easier with this guide. A fat-positive fertility clinic isn’t always as talked about yet having an IVF clinic with no BMI limit is so important to so many women going through the process.

Make sure when looking into any fertility clinic that you specifically ask about the size of the patient and BMI cut-offs. Not every clinic is accommodating or fat-positive.

Get a Support System That You Can Rely On

There is also the emotional aspect of fertility treatments which can be very trying. Having an emotional support system in place will be essential. This could be your partner, a close friend or family member or perhaps an online support group. You need to be able to openly discuss what you’re feeling emotionally and physically – the good and the bad.

The simple fact is that fertility treatments aren’t always straightforward, and results are never guaranteed. It’s important to find ways to relax, be kind to yourself and keep a positive attitude throughout. Using the tips mentioned can help you achieve just that.

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