4 Tips to Help you Stick to Your Monthly Budget

Posted August 31, 2020 by in Lifestyle
woman counting money

Many people struggle to stick with a monthly budget and this can make it difficult to build savings. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to save without making massive sacrifices. To lead a life full of happiness and little stress, learning good budgeting skills and becoming more financially responsible will increase your savings and put you in a stronger position in the future.

Here are four tips to help you stick to your monthly budget:

budgeting tips

1. Add Fun Money to Your Budget 

A key part of growing your savings is to be smart with your spending. However, being too strict with your budget will harm your quality of life and may cause you to give up on budgeting and overspend in the long-run. It is therefore important to strike a healthy balance between being responsible with your money while still investing in your enjoyment.

When you create your monthly budget, you should include some ‘fun money’ that can be used on things like meals out, social activities, pampering treatments, or gifts for your partner. According to daveramsey.com:

“factoring fun money into your budget helps you stick to your goals and have a treat every now and then.”

2. Track Everything You Buy

It can be easy to lose track of your purchases and let your spending get out of control. Successful budgeting requires you to have a clear overview of where your money is going each month. With that in mind, you should make an effort to track your expenditure and keep a clear record of everything that you buy.

You can either write items down in a notebook or use a financial management app to track your spending in real-time. Doing this will give you a realistic overview of your monthly spending and help you identify areas where you can cut costs. 

3. Take Advantage of Discounts

Using discounts and voucher codes can save you significant amounts of money each month. It also means that you will be able to treat yourself to certain things, while still sticking to your monthly budget. For instance, you can take advantage of mid-week restaurant deals to dine out for less. You can also use gift cards such as Home Depot gift cards to receive cash back when you make purchases.

There is a fantastic selection of websites offering vouchers that can save you money on a huge variety of items including furniture, electronics, clothing, and leisure activities. Make sure that you search for valid discount codes before making purchases, especially when shopping online

4. Become Less Wasteful 

Most people are guilty of having wasteful habits. This may be throwing shampoo bottles away before it is empty, letting food expire, or leaving lights on during the day. Becoming less wasteful is a simple way to lower your costs and stick with your budget.

It will also help to reduce environmental harm by cutting emissions and minimizing the amount of waste that you produce. There are many simple ways to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle and become less wasteful

Do you have any budgeting tips that have helped you build your savings? Let us know in the comments below!