4 Unique Gifts for Someone Special

Posted September 29, 2020 by in Lifestyle/ Shopping
wrapping a present

Finding the ideal gift for someone special—whether it be your partner, a friend, or a family member—can be a challenge. You may feel pressure to find a meaningful gift that will stand out from others.

If you’re struggling with gift ideas, then here are four unique gifts for someone special:

1. Make Them a Photo Book 

You don’t need to spend lots of money to find a thoughtful gift for your loved one. Creating a photo book is an affordable way to show someone special how much you care. Your loved one is also likely to appreciate the extra effort that goes into creating a hand-made gift.

You could create a photo book yourself by buying a scrapbook and filling it with photographs and mementos, and you can also include cute notes and reminders of your time together.

Alternatively, there is a fantastic selection of website that allow you to create a photobook online using your favorite images and designs. This can then be posted to you or sent directly to your loved one. They will be able to look back on the photos and reminisce about all the happy memories and fun times that you have spent together. 

2. Create a Personalized Hamper 

Gift hampers are extremely popular, but they are often expensive and may contain items that your loved one doesn’t like or need. Luckily, you can easily surprise your loved one with a unique hamper from purpink.co.ke and fill it with all of their favorite items.

This will work out much cheaper than buying a pre-made hamper and the recipient will also appreciate the extra effort. Some items to put in your gift hamper may include home-made sweets, chocolate, or alcohol, soft toys, toiletries, and photographs of you together.

Finish the hamper off with a pretty bow and a gift card with a special note. 

3. Surprise Them with a Vaping Kit

Vaping has risen in popularity in recent years and many people now enjoy vaping products. If your loved one is into vaping, then surprise them with a vaping kit that includes an e-cigarette, vaping accessories, and vaping liquids in a variety of fun flavors.

A vaping kit may also make a good gift for someone who is trying to give up smoking traditional cigarettes. Vaping can be an effective tool to help people give up smoking or cut down on tobacco products.

You can visit Variety E-Vape to view a huge range of different vaping products and accessories for your loved one. 

4. Book an Experience Gift 

An experience gift will allow your loved to have lots of fun and create happy memories. For that reason, experience gifts can be a lot more meaningful than simply buying a physical gift.

There is a fantastic variety of unique gift experiences available including spa days, animal encounters, cooking classes, and supercar experiences.

Think carefully about the type of experience that would suit your loved one and make sure you choose a gift that they will enjoy. 

What was the best gift you’ve ever received? Let us know in the comments below!