4 Ways a Wrongful Death Impacts Your Family and Lifestyle

Posted February 8, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Death is natural and comes for everyone. However, maybe something occurs where a family member dies, and you’re sure that you can hold another individual or entity responsible. These are usually called wrongful death cases, and if one happens, you may decide to pursue a lawsuit against the individual or entity that caused your loved one’s demise.

Wrongful death is never easy. Let’s discuss a few ways it might change your life if it happens to a family member:

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You Might Have to Spend Time in Court

If someone you love dies, and you feel strongly that you can bring a wrongful death lawsuit, then hiring a lawyer is going to be your first step. You may have never hired an attorney before, or you might have one already, but they may not handle cases of this nature. In either instance, you don’t want to move forward until you’re sure you have an attorney who can tackle a lawsuit of this magnitude.

You’re standing up for the deceased individual, and you’ll probably need to spend quite a lot of time in a courtroom attempting to win compensation for their loss. You may have to take off work to deal with this lawsuit.

If so, other adults in the family may need to watch your kids, if you have any. The older kids might need to pick the younger ones up from school and handle more household chores than usual. You might need neighbors or friends to help you as you go through the various trial stages.

You Might Not Have as Much Cash as Before

If the person who died was one of the household’s breadwinners, you might not have as much money as you did before once they are gone. You may be able to win a lawsuit if you decide to bring one against the responsible person or entity, but there’s no guarantee of that.

If you don’t bring a lawsuit, or if you lose the one you pursue, you’re going to have to live with less income. You may need to take a second job to try and make up for the lost money. If you have teenagers or young adults living in the house, they may need to take part-time jobs to try and pitch in.

You May Feel Very Sad or Angry

If you win a wrongful death lawsuit, you’ll likely have some money that will help you with things like rent, mortgage payments, property taxes, groceries, etc. However, just because you got money from the entity or individual who you hold responsible, that does not mean everything is right from that point forward.

Money is necessary in this world, but it won’t bring your loved one back. If you cared deeply about them, you would probably trade any amount of wealth to see them again, and that’s one thing you cannot have.

It’s hard to accept that. You might deal with sadness, anger, or even depression. You may need to find a therapist to talk about these issues with, or you can speak to your other family members if you feel that will suffice. Either way, it’s probably going to take years for you to get past what happened, and you’ll never be completely the same again.

You Kids May Have a Hard Time

Wrongful deaths often have an untimely aspect. If the person who died was relatively young, they might leave children behind who must now grow up without a parent.

Maybe you’re their other parent, or perhaps you’re an aunt or uncle to those kids. Whatever you are to them, getting them to feel okay again is going to be challenging. Whenever something traumatic happens to children, they might act out, particularly if they’re too young to understand why the person they loved is no longer there.

You might contact a child psychiatrist and send the children to see them. You could try to spend more time with them doing activities they enjoy. It’s never easy trying to help them get past something like this, but as an adult, you have to keep yourself together for their sake, even if you’re sad and angry as well.

An untimely death can seem unfair, and you might find yourself questioning why it happened. The reality is that sometimes random events occur, and there’s no logical reason for what took place. All you can do is pick up the pieces and find a way to carry on.