4 Ways to Encourage Your Child to Exercise

Posted October 27, 2019 by in Health + Fitness
playing with hula hoop

It is extremely important to encourage your child to exercise. Exercise promotes healthy growth and development. Getting your child used to exercise and into a routine from a young age will help them stick to it as they grow up. There is a large amount of evidence indicating that increased activity can improve your child’s skills when it comes to critical thinking, and test scores are higher alongside grade averages.

You should try to get your child to engage in an hour of physical activity a day. Here are 4 safe ways to encourage your child to exercise:

Active Screen Time

When your child can’t play outside, you should use the technology in your home to your advantage. This can be in the form of interactive video games that will require your child to move around, such as bowling, baseball or tennis games. Active video games and dance videos are fantastic when it comes to providing a safe, fun, indoor activity for your child. 

Outdoor Play Spaces

Creating a safe space in your backyard is a great way to encourage your child to exercise. Not only is it free (once the equipment is purchased), but it is also a safe, comfortable and secure space where you can closely monitor your child. Examples of equipment you can install outside are climbing frames and obstacle courses. Trampolines are also a great way to get your child to enjoy exercise. To improve their safety, you can get 12ft trampolines installed into the floor to reduce the risk of your child injuring themselves by falling off. 

Use Household Chores

Ideally, children should help around the house to earn their keep and learn how to take care of themselves and the space they live in. It can get physical when you clean your home, and getting your child involved with these chores won’t only teach them responsibility, but it will also get them moving. Try to make the chores more exciting by playing music and by getting the whole family involved. 

Be a Role Model

At the end of the day, your child looks up to you. What you eat and your exercise habits are things your child will observe, so you should ensure that you are setting a good example. Exercise is also important for your health and body, and it should not be classed as a chore. To show moral support, you should exercise for half an hour on five days of the week with your child. When your child sees you exercising and enjoying yourself, they will most likely mimic your behavior themselves.

All you need to do is encourage an hour of daily exercise so your child can reap the benefits. You should do what you can to make physical activity a normal part of your family’s day. This can be in one big chunk, or it can be broken up throughout the day. Don’t forget to praise, motivate and reward your child when they partake in daily exercise. This is the best way to ensure they keep up with this highly important aspect of life that is essential to their happiness, health and wellbeing.