4 Ways to Get Gym Quality Fitness Without Leaving Your Home

Posted May 29, 2015 by in Health + Fitness

It’s no secret that the recent recession has inspired this present era of budgeting. While many of us seemed to have bounced back from the financial recession, people are still evaluating their finances and looking for ways to spend less without feeling deprived.

One sector that was hit the hardest during these last few years was health club memberships – while getting fit and pampering oneself is important for gaining confidence, strength and vitality, paying the hefty membership fees can be difficult while trying to live on a budget.

The most budget-friendly way get gym quality fitness is to create it at home. Below are the steps in which to do so:

Gym Quality Fitness Without Leaving Your Home

1. Dedicate a Space

The first step to creating gym quality fitness is to dedicate a space in your home to workout and be pampered. It doesn’t have to be an entire room, just a space with enough room to run, leap, stretch and relax. This space should be inviting and inspiring. Additionally, you can choose to run and bike outdoors whenever the weather is nice.

2. Get Equipment

You do not need to invest in a lot of equipment to create gym quality fitness, however, some of the basic equipment can be beneficial to your workout goal. If your goal is to lose weight and gain strength then you should look for high-quality treadmills (you can find them on Craigslist) and weights. A gym mat, workout clothes and stability ball are all essentials. Investing in a massage table as well as natural healing body oils would be great for physical therapy, workout recovery and relaxing after the workout.

If you live in a small space, or don’t have the money to invest in a large cardio machine, consider a mini stair stepper or portable elliptical. They’re small and usually under $100.

3. Schedule Time for Fitness

The top two reasons why people join health clubs is to socialize with other people with the same workout goals and because they may feel like they lack the self-discipline to work out on their own. However, discipline is created by repetition, once you find workouts that you enjoy and you keep doing it at the same time, it will become routine and you will be on your way to your workout goal. Additionally, you can encourage a few friends or family members to come over and work out with you.

4. Don’t Forget About Nutrition

Nutrition is a huge part of fitness – because working out while eating bad will result in slow to little progress and slow metabolism. Make it a priority to eat healthy foods such as lean proteins, nuts, legumes, healthy oils and vitamin-enriched fruits and vegetables. You can save money on nutrition by planting a backyard garden and growing your own organic crop.

Making efforts to stay fit is something that everyone should strive to do, especially as you get older. However, you do not have to break your bank with expensive gym fees in order to do so. You can find free high-quality work out videos to follow online or download exercise apps to help keep you motivated.

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