4 Ways to Get On Board With The Western Wear Trend

Posted February 10, 2020 by in Fashion
Vintage cowboy boots

If there’s one trend people are planning on riding into the new year, it’s probably Western wear. While the cowboy hat has remained a stylish staple in many men’s wardrobes across the country, other elements of the Old West are making their way into casual wear for men and women across all age ranges.

Here are some ways you can make it work for you:

  1. Denim Up and Down 

The functionality and durability of denim is something that will never go out of style, but when it comes to classic blue jeans, those following the Western wear trend are bringing denim into many elements of their wardrobe. Jean jackets are back, and so are updated overalls paired with classic white T-shirts.

Overalls are also being layered into many other looks and others are layering denim over denim for that added rugged chic look. 

western chic fashion

  1. Button-Down Shirts and Western Prints

Button-down shirts and Western-inspired prints are all the rage across men’s and women’s fashion as Western wear becomes a casual staple in many people’s closets. Think of prints such as paisley along with colors, including everything from tans to vivid reds, that call to mind the wide-open West.

The Western wear trend is also incorporating a number of materials and textures into new items, with corduroy making a comeback in the form of both pants and jackets. 

Woman wearing cowboy hat and button down shirt

  1. Cowboy Headwear and Footwear 

Cowboy hats and boots aren’t just for ranch hands anymore. Many trendsetters in the Western wear space are taking rugged, second-hand, or made-for-work hats and boots to wear as part of their head-turning outfits. 

Others are opting for fashionable adaptions of these items, which may be made of more affordable materials if you’re heading out for a night on the town rather than a hard day’s work under the blistering sun. Cowboy boots are getting the same treatment. If you don’t want to wear traditional leather cowboy boots, you can also find vegan-leather boot as an alternative. Cropped ankle boots can also work really well with the right Western-inspired outfit. 

Woman wearing white cowboy boots

  1. Complement With The Right Accessories 

Those following the Western wear trend will find that they can achieve the best look by complementing their wardrobe with the right accessories. Aside from tipping a cowboy hat, you can also experiment with cowhide handbags and similar additions that stay true to the Western vibe.

If you need a pop of color, consider some turquoise jewelry or maybe some gold-tone pieces that will help bring a sense of personality and individuality to your Western style. A belt or bandana are other sensible additions that can add to your look. 

red bandana

The Western wear trend is taking over, and everyone can get in on it with a few simple and functional additions to their wardrobe. The Western style is all about comfort and durability, and with the right approach, Western-inspired items can bring a new flair to your everyday outfits.