4 Ways to Have a Healthier Relationship With Sugar

Posted May 15, 2022 by in Health + Fitness
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There is no escaping it; there seems to be hidden sugar in absolutely everything. And the only way for us to start beating our addiction to this dreaded cube is to have a healthier relationship with it. With this in mind, what are some of the things that you need to consider?

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Remember What Sugar Really Does to You

There are two sides to this. You can easily cause damage to your teeth with excessive sugar. Dental specialists like All Brite Dental always talk about the importance of having check-ups to ensure you aren’t doing damage to your teeth, but it’s also important to remember the impacts of sugar on your brain and body. When you have excess sugar, this is going to not just cause weight gain but can lead you on the road to an increased risk of a stroke and/or heart attack. Sugar also so can cause issues within the brain. Glucose is essential in the body, but too much can cause the brain to shrink. Sugar also has drug-like effects on the reward center of your brain, and this is why you can’t always give it up so easily!

Acknowledge Your Emotions and Attitudes Toward Sugar

When we’re trying to have a better relationship with sugar, we have to remember that sugar can stimulate hormones, as well as our emotions and attitudes. If you had previously been caught up in emotional eating, it can prove difficult to unravel your relationship with sugar. Sometimes, we have a craving for sugar when we are experiencing difficult times, and while it is okay to indulge from time to time, you’ve got to understand what your attitudes and emotions are towards sugar. If you are better off stepping away because you know you can’t stick to just one cookie, you need to have ownership over this.

Forget “Cold Turkey”

When we’re talking about giving up, there are a lot of people that think about the cold turkey approach. And while cold turkey can help some people, some need a more structured way to give it up, which can involve tapering off the sugar dosage. Cold turkey can be something that helps some individuals because of the sense of achievement, but it’s also important to remember that it can cause a massive falling off the wagon! It’s also vital to remember that you might be eating snacks that you think are healthy but contain hidden sugars, such as peanut butter or salad dressing! This is why you need to be religious in reading those nutrition labels!

Remember: A Little Bit Is Okay

Of course, they say you can have a little bit of what you fancy, and if you keep eating the same alternatives to sugar every day, life can get boring. It’s important to remember that a little bit is okay but you’ve got to keep it in perspective. The fact is that reducing your sugar intake can reduce belly fat and help you feel healthier, but if you want to have a healthier relationship with sugar, you have to address your attitudes and emotions. It’s not necessarily an easy thing to do, but if it’s been a long time coming, breaking up with sugar can be one of the biggest achievements you will ever make.