5 Affordable Bags That Look Expensive

Posted April 11, 2014 by in Fashion

The secret to looking stylish and affluent on a budget isn’t necessarily about your clothes — it’s about your accessories. And your bag’s the most important accessory of all.

If you’re carrying around an expensive looking bag, you’ll look sophisticated, stylish, and a bit fancy. The key word in that sentence was “expensive looking.” Below are five bags under $50 that look expensive, as modeled by our lovely friend, Madeline.


This top handle bag from ShoeDazzle is the perfect mix of edgy and feminine! Pair it with your favorite Spring outfit for a model-off-duty look.




Everyone thinks the gem below is a Céline bag. The look on their faces when they’re told it’s from Aldo is always priceless. If you’re hunting for a chic bag that’ll go with everything, check out Aldo. They do a really good job with imitation leather. You can barely tell the difference!


  • Bag: $50.00 via Aldo
  • Vest: $24.95 via H&M
  • Pants: $65.00 via Topshop



This perennial satchel from ShoeDazzle is finished with an oversized hardware adornment for true charm. Keep it ladylike with an angora sweater and sparkling baubles. For a Downtown cool look, pair it with chambray and your favorite black skinnies.




Don’t let the size of this Old Navy bucket bag deceive you. It can hold a bunch of stuff!




This over-sized bag from Promod is extremely stylish! It’s also large enough to hold anything and everything — from your yoga clothes all the way to your laptop and charger.



If you follow some of the recent brands that most famous fashion influencers are promoting on social media, you will come across some great women bags. These bags are very affordable but have a high fashion look. You might be forgiven for thinking that they might cost upwards of thousands of dollars. Rather than picking up one bag for two or three grands, a better option would be to pick up ten bags to match each and every dress in your wardrobe!