5 Architecture Trends to Keep Your Eye on in 2020 and Beyond

Posted February 4, 2020 by in Home
View of skyscrapers

What does it mean to live in 2020?  Technological advances, economic concerns, and our shared cultural beliefs are constantly changing. The way that we share space has always been among one of the most important metrics we can use to understand the world around us.

Now that we’re entering a new decade, the newest architecture trends for 2020 reveal the things we care most about and how they’re shaping the way we live. 

Let’s take a look at what the future may hold by going over 5 of the most exciting new trends in architectural design

  1. Simple and Sustainable Design 

As we move into an era defined by climate change and ecological awareness, the worlds of construction and interior design are tackling some of the biggest environmental concerns we have. The ideas around Green Architecture are inspiring new housing solutions that exist in harmony with the natural world.  

Some of these considerations range from maximizing natural light to integrating sustainable energy solutions like polycarbonate architecture

  1. New Architecture Trends and Old Buildings

The return to analog aesthetics has been happening for a while now, but it shows no sign of slowing down. Refurbished houses are something to look out for in 2020, staying on theme with sustainability and eco-friendly home design bringing new life to an old building combines our love for historical architecture with the need to create a better world. 

  1. Technology and Smart Design Leads the Way

Technology is becoming a necessary part of our day to day living. In that vein, home design is taking a turn towards bringing tech into our buildings, sometimes in controversial ways. Take for example Google’s foray into real estate with the Sidewalk Labs project in Toronto.  

Regardless of the controversy, it’s clear that technological progress will deeply inform the architectural trends of the coming decade.  

  1. The Return of Prefab Housing

Modular homes have been around for centuries, but the numerous benefits of pre-fabricated housing have sparked renewed interest in what they offer. For homeowners, a factory-made home can mean a faster move-in date, a smaller environmental impact and more control over the construction process. 

  1. Creative Multi-purpose Spaces  

Home design trends in 2020 point towards people leading more and more diverse lives. There’s an undeniable draw towards minimalist design and multi-purpose spaces can accommodate a full life with simplicity and efficiency.

It’s also no surprise that this trend is a big part of urban design. Living in tight quarters is almost a given in big cities, and the focus on creating spaces that serve multiple purposes means that there’s room for big ideas in small spaces.

What Else Does the Future Hold?

As we move into the roaring 2020’s there’s no telling what the next ten years will hold for architectural design. Smart homes, carbon-neutral cities, urban design innovations promise to profoundly change the way we use the space around us. So, what can we know for sure? The future, let alone architecture trends, will be anything but boring. 

What do you think will be the biggest influence on architectural design in the new decade? Let us know in a comment below!