5 Areas to Target to Get the Bod of Your Dreams

Posted July 1, 2020 by in Health + Fitness
woman holding weights

First off, let’s start by saying you’re ALREADY beautiful, ALREADY worthy, and ALREADY enough. There, that’s understood. As long as you are healthy and happy, you’re already winning. 

But, if you’re looking to make changes in your appearance for whatever reason, the world of beauty and fitness can be incredibly daunting and overwhelming. It’s easier if you break your goals into chunks and tackle each area separately.

Here are some high-target areas to tackle when starting out with an image overhaul:

Woman doing squats on a box

The Bum

While we all have them, somehow butt aesthetic is “cyclical”, meaning its trendy to have a big butt one day, and undesirable the next. These days, having a shapely rear end is definitely what’s in. 

There are many ways to go about getting a round rump, and just because you weren’t born with one doesn’t mean you can’t have one! Squats are a great way to build that butt muscles, Chris Muir, online personal trainer at CALIBER, says:

The bottom line is if your thighs aren’t at least parallel with the floor at the bottom of your squat, you aren’t going low enough. You should pretty much always squat to parallel or below. Yes, there are some variations that will have you squatting with a reduced range of motion, but those should only be explored once you have a solid full squat, not before.

If you’re not willing to wait and you’d rather have instant gratification, you can look into getting a butt-lift! Visit website for surgeons near you to learn more about what this procedure entails. 

The Belly

This is a bodily area that always gets a bad rap. How can the rest of your figure be thick while somehow still keeping your belly flat? Well, we don’t have all the secrets and answers here. But, the quickest way to lose fat is by diving into cardio. Oblique work like sit-ups, crunches and planks will also give you that nice definition. 

Working out isn’t the only way to tweak your appearance: you can also experiment with different clothes and styles. High-waisted pants and skirts will show off your smaller waistline take the attention away from your midline! Anything that tapers your silhouette and gathers it in at the waistline will give you a trimming effect. 

The Arms

Arms are super tricky. We all want to show off our arms in cute little floral strapless dresses in the summertime! While there is no way to target fat loss in any one area of the body, the best way to lose fat all around is by cardio. However, working the muscles in the arm area will increase their definition, making them look more toned.  

Alternatively, different clothes can make your arms look trimmer. For example, a short-sleeved shirt vs. a tank-top will show off the thinnest part of your arm. Jackets and cardigans are a great way to cover up if you’re feeling self-conscious as well. That being said: there’s nothing wrong with how your arms are as-is. Period.

The Legs

Working legs is probably the easiest muscle area to target. Our legs are already so strong, so you can start from more advanced place when it comes to exercising. Again, when it comes to losing fat quickly, cardio is the game. For toning muscle, repetition with weights is the way to go. Squats and deadlifts paired with running are a great way to target the legs. 

If you’d rather avoid sweating, you can always incorporate more dresses, pants and skits into your wardrobe! Fitted, high-waisted, tapered pants will make your legs seem longer than they really are. 


This aspect isn’t workout related, but can definitely have a huge impact on your appearance. Maybe you’ve noticed that your cute outfits don’t have the same wow-factor as they used to. This could simply be because you don’t have the right haircut! Look around on the internet for hair style ideas and ask a stylist what they think.

It could just be that your hair doesn’t match your personality style. The right haircut can make your whole aesthetic look different. 

Like we said, you’re totally perfect as you are. Remember you are your own worst critic. But if you’re ready to get into fitness or make a change to how you look, these are good places to start.