5 Best Free LMS Software Systems for Online Teaching

Posted September 2, 2020 by in Career
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As online learning becomes more common, schools and teachers are scrambling to find online teaching software.

With budgets up in the air, software for teaching may be a tough expense for school districts to afford. Partial or full remote learning requires a system that can meet both teaching and administrative needs for schools. Finding an accessible tool for students and parents can be tricky, especially if your school is just starting remote learning.

Thankfully, there is a wide variety of free learning management software, or LMS, systems for teachers to try.

A well designed LMS system goes beyond streaming classes. It also offers good communication options, provides technical support, and manages administrative tasks.

The best LMS systems offer a great learning experience for students with reliable, easy-to-use functionality. Check out the top 5 free LMS programs for online learning and find the best fit for your students!

1. Campus Movil Teaching Software

Campus Movil is a teaching software designed to meet your needs. Administrators love the Campus Movil software since it makes running a school online easier than ever! This is one of the best free software options for managing online learning and administrative tasks.

This LMS system offers two free mobile apps for the unique needs of public and private schools. These apps make communication between parents, students, teachers, and administrators a breeze! The built-in calendar feature helps keep students on track with push notification reminders.

There are many features you can add to your teaching software, like integration with Google for Education and unlimited support. Plus, the software can help your school thrive with marketing support and reputation management. Campus Movil is a single solution that can manage all the demands of your school during remote learning.

2. TalentLMS Software

If you want to share resources like videos or audio tracks with your students, TalentLMS is perfect for you. TalentLMS is a good option for easy streaming and file storage, making it a powerful online education software. The platform offers flexibility in course design to help you customize each class you teach.

While TalentLMS does not offer administrative support, it does offer robust testing capabilities. Gamification features make TalentLMS great for younger students who may have a hard time staying focused at home. These features set TalentLMS apart for grade school students.

The app design is engaging and easy to use for children as well as their parents. Get your class set up quickly and easily with TalentLMS.

3. Ilias LMS

Many systems have video capabilities, but the Ilias LMS goes above and beyond with a functional workspace for older students. This platform allows you to customize activities and present lessons in a way that mimics the classroom experience.

While mobile learning is possible with Ilias LMS, the platform’s strength is in its desktop system. If your online learning program is self-paced or blended with in-person learning, the Ilias LMS system may be the best option for you. This system also offers assistance with registration and communication with students or parents, making it a great option for administration too!

Besides helping teachers manage multiple classes, the possibilities for curriculum customization are endless. However, it may be less intuitive for teachers to create courses without hands-on support.


If you want to make online learning easy and intuitive for students of all ages, OpenOLAT is the right choice for you.

The virtual classrooms in OpenOLAT truly mimic the experience of learning in-person. With OpenOLAT, it’s easy to break students into groups and teach all your students at once. Additionally, this online teaching software lets teachers successfully proctor closed book exams.

A great mobile app makes this software perfect for preteen and teen students. The chat option simplifies communication while helping students engage during classes. Plus, a wide variety of options like polling, in-video quizzes, and a content editor make this LMS a great tool to improve learning from afar.

The modular design of this system makes creating robust courses simple. Your students will enjoy using this interface for fully remote learning.

5. Sakai LMS

Sakai is a great LMS system for teachers and professors. This robust online learning software can take the place of your grade book and be a one-stop-shop for your teaching.

This online learning program offers lesson builders, project collaboration, graded discussion forums, and more. The large array of features helps teachers create a remote learning environment that aligns with how they teach in person.

Integration with apps like Dropbox can make this software convenient to use for you and computer-savvy students. It also incorporates streaming media, recording software, and a plagiarism tool.

However, this program does not offer administrative support, so it may not be the best fit for all schools. Sakai is an ideal choice to simplify a teacher’s transition to online learning.

Find the Best Free LMS to Meet Your Needs

Many schools are still trying to determine what their remote learning needs are for the current school year. However, working with your administration now can ensure you have an LMS system that supports your syllabus.

Teaching software can get pricy, but these free options are a great alternative to paid programs. These top five programs offer some of the best integrations on the market without a big price tag. No matter what age you teach, these online learning software systems can work for you.

Try out these LMS systems and find which one works best for your curriculum!

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