5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Treat Yourself This Holiday Season

Posted December 22, 2022 by in Lifestyle

The holiday season is here and while much of your focus may be on gift buying for all your loved ones, it’s also a great opportunity to treat yourself. After what has probably been a busy year, filled with up and downs and likely some stress along the way, don’t you deserve to have a little treat?

Also, just because you want to spoil yourself, doesn’t mean it has to cost a fortune. Here are five budget-friendly ways you can make yourself a priority and treat yourself with something special this holiday season:

Woman in sparkly dress and holding wine

Scoop Up a New Winter Jacket – Cozy and Stylish

If you think about the item that you wear the most during the winter months, it is likely your winter jacket. For that reason, they can show wear and tear a little faster than other items typically do. So, why not treat yourself to a new cozy and stylish winter jacket, coat or parka?

Big box stores and popular brand names tend to clear out items like this around the holiday season, as the spring lines start to pop up in stores as early as February. What this means is that you can get some heavily discounted deals that are perfect for your budget.

Stock Up on Holiday Reading

With winter being a cold and often dreary season, it’s perfectly normal to spend more time than normal indoors. To ensure you don’t get bored and instead make the most of this quiet time, why not stock up on a little holiday reading? You can check out the latest bestseller’s lists to find the trending titles of the moment or stick with a favorite author or series.

After purchasing some books, if you find you still have some money left in the budget to spoil yourself with, you could get some companion accessories. These could include cozy socks and a plush wrap to keep you snuggly and warm while reading, some herbal teas and flavored coffees and the perfect insulated mug that will keep your beverage warm.

Spoil Yourself with Beauty Products

This is also a great time of year to give your skin a little attention. With the cold dry weather settling in across the country, it can do a real number on your skin. This is exactly why experts suggest switching to a winter skincare routine. And it’s not just skincare products; you may even need to switch up your makeup routine to account for your changing skin needs. For example, a high-coverage matte foundation may not work on your dry winter skin.

While skincare and makeup products can be quite pricey, there are a variety of coupons and deals that usually pop up during the holiday season. Even designer brands tend to be discounted. It could be the ideal time to stock up.

Scented Candles Can Elevate Your Mood

Why not appeal to your sense of smell and elevate your mood with scented candles? You can choose from warm and cozy scents to spicy, fresh, or even sweet – whatever suits you. You may wish to have a variety on hand so you can pick one that suits your mood and activity on that particular day.

Don’t Forget to Spoil Yourself with Good Food

Finally, there is the cornerstone of the holiday season, and that’s good food. This means whipping up your favorite holiday recipes and treating yourself to some fabulous goodies and comfort foods. As you embrace the holiday season, don’t forget to think about yourself and give yourself permission to go ahead and indulge a bit. With these ideas, spoiling yourself during the holiday season can be done in a budget-friendly way.

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