5 Cannabis Consumption Methods to Try

Posted December 24, 2021 by in Health + Fitness

Marijuana is both a popular and controversial drug that has been used by people all over the world for centuries. The debate about the legality of this plant continues to rage on but there are many reasons why cannabis is as popular as it is. One of the main reasons is that indoor cannabis strains from suppliers like Zamnesia have been proven to help with many medical conditions such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, insomnia, nausea from chemotherapy treatment as well as many other illnesses. Not many people understand just how widely used cannabis is in the United States because most people who consume, do so privately due to the legal status of cannabis. Many people automatically think about smoking weed when they hear the word marijuana however there are many ways to consume this substance including eating it.

If you are new to cannabis, here are a few consumption methods to try:

Man's hands rolling a joint on marble table

Dry Herb Vaporizers 

A dry herb vaporizer is an inhalation device that is used to vape cannabis. Many people confuse vaping and smoking because they are both inhalation methods however they differ in the fact that vaping heats the herb which creates vapor, while smoking burns the herb creating smoke. A dry herb vaporizer is battery powered and is a handheld device that consists of a mouthpiece, chamber, battery.

This device is portable, convenient, discreet, and considered healthier than traditional smoking because no smoke enters into your lungs, and if you’re looking for the perfect device for you, have a look at magicvaporizers.co.uk. To use a device like this, simply fill your chamber with a small amount of dry cannabis, turn the device on, select your desired temperature, inhale and exhale until the session is over. The thing that makes this consumption method unique is the fact that you can choose your heating temperature based on the effects that you wish to experience (low temperature produces more flavor while high temperatures produce stronger bodily effects).


Edibles are food and drink products that contain cannabis and come in a variety of forms including gummies, lollipops, brownies, tea, and even beer. Edibles are one of the healthiest ways to consume cannabis as well as the most potent and intense (depending on how much you consume per session). To consume, simply eat or drink the edibles and then wait for the effects to kick in.

Edibles enter into your system through your digestive system and liver so you can expect to only feel effects after 60 minutes – 2 hours. What makes edibles stand out above the rest is the incredibly long duration of the effects which is roughly 12 hours. 

Transdermal Patches 

Transdermal patches are cannabis patches that are a topical extract of THC or CBD. You have to put the patch directly onto your skin in any desired area that has good circulation such as the leg or inner arm and once it is on, you receive relief through the patch’s slow release method. These patches will not make you high however, they are great for any pain and inflammation you might experience on muscles and joints.

You have to wear the patches for the duration of the timeframe listed on the package which can range from 6hours – 96 hours. Patches are very discreet and great for medicinal use. Simply put it on and forget about it.


Cannabis pills are cannabis in pill or capsule form that you consume orally the way you would consume any other pill. These pills are becoming very popular amongst consumers and are most commonly used amongst medical marijuana users.

Pills are said to be the easiest form of cannabis administration and they provide potent effects. These pills are great for targeting severe pain, anxiety, and nausea to name a few. 

Dab Rigs 

A dab rig is a water filtration device that looks like a bong except the design is more complicated and it comes with a nail made from quartz or titanium. You use concentrate with this device instead of dry herbs and it produces vapor instead of smoke. To consume, fill the device with some water, add a small amount of concentrate into the bowl, heat the nail with a flame, and then heat the concentrate. You then need to inhale the vapor which will provide flavourful and potent effects. rigs are designed to maximize flavor which makes this device unique.