5 Common Jewelry Purchasing Errors and How to Avoid Them

Posted March 5, 2022 by in Fashion

Research shows that Americans love their jewelry: among women, jewelry is the third most prized possession, while it ranks number six for men.

And it’s no secret that people are willing to shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars for jewelry, from custom necklaces to fancy engagement rings.

But many people have also found themselves wasting money on jewelry that eventually falls apart or is forgotten in the jewelry box. To avoid buying the wrong jewelry, watch out for these five common jewelry purchasing errors:

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1. Sticking to Basic Jewelry

While basic stud earrings or simple chain necklaces may be easy to wear, you shouldn’t only buy minimal jewelry.

There are so many options for jewelry designs and styles. The jewelry you choose to wear can play a key role in expressing yourself through your fashion. You can find elegant ones from Ideaure Jewelry.

Next time you consider investing in another basic piece of jewelry, skip it and opt for something more unique instead.

2. Overlooking Jewelry Care

A bracelet or ring may look stunning now, but without proper care it could deteriorate fast.

Don’t buy any jewelry that you aren’t prepared to care for. This can include keeping jewelry away from chemicals, repairing lost or damaged stones, and polishing worn metal.

Check the jewelry store website or shop for advice on how to look after pieces before buying them.

3. Guessing Sizes and Lengths

One common error, especially when buying jewelry online, is to guess sizes or lengths. This can lead to major disappointment once your jewelry arrives in the mail.

For items like rings, you must know your exact ring size, ideally from being measured by a professional jeweler.

But even jewelry like bracelets and necklaces can disappoint if you discover they’re not sized as you expected. If you have a tiny wrist, for example, you may want to avoid oversized bangles that easily slip off. And if you hate long necklaces, it’s important to know the real length of a necklace rather than guessing from a picture.

When in doubt, check product descriptions or contact the shop for sizes and measurements.

4. Refusing to DIY

For true jewelry lovers, it’s a mistake to only buy what’s in store, without ever dabbling in DIY jewelry or custom projects.

There are a couple reasons why it makes sense to DIY jewelry. For one, you can make your own creations from scratch, designing the exact styles you love.

But another reason why DIY is essential is because it can help you when it comes time to repair a piece of jewelry. Things like broken clasps can be easily fixed on your own if you know how.

Learn more about how to source jewelry supplies.

5. Splurging on Trends 

Jewelry trends come and go. There’s nothing wrong with trying the latest trends, but it’s a common error to spend a lot of money on them.

Save on trendy pieces, and splurge on classic or one-of-a-kind jewelry instead.

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Jewelry can be expensive, but it’s money well spent for most. Make the most of your jewelry budget by avoiding these common jewelry purchasing errors.

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