5 Common Situations That Require You to Call a Plumber

Posted June 27, 2019 by in Home
Situations That Require You to Call a Plumber

You might think you do not need a plumber until your roof collapses; you get mold all over your house; or your house floods. Do not let this be you. Many people often make the mistake of thinking that they can fix something themselves. Worse, they wait until the situation is too difficult before they call the plumber.

Do not let the situation get out of hand before you start looking for one. In fact, have an emergency plumber on your speed dial. Here are 5 instances when calling a plumber is your best possible play:

  1. Plumbing Maintenance

It is common for small problems to result in great damage. Fixing a small leak or a blocked toilet is a short-term fix in many situations. One way to prevent major problems is to find a plumber for routine maintenance.

Because you cannot predict when the next issue will arise, routine maintenance will help alleviate any potential problems. At the same time, the plumber will fix any existing problems. Unknown to many is that before you notice a leak, it might have been there for a while and is already causing mold formation and structural damages.

Routine maintenance on your plumbing system will save you from awkward situations. The plumber will diagnose problems and fix them before their effects spread.

  1. Low Water Pressure

Sometimes your sinks and showers have dribbling water, and the problem is not easy to diagnose. It may range from pipe obstructions, city supplies issues, or even poor pipe design. You need a plumber to find out the problem and provide a solution. 

Trying to fix the problem yourself is likely to make the situation worse. Dribbling water also accompanies a lack of hot water. When you are trying to shower and you are unable to get hot water, call a plumber. Sometimes it is as serious as a complete breakdown.

Water heaters often use electricity or gas system. Ignoring such a problem can easily lead to damage in your home, or worse still, personal injury. It is just as important to ensure that the plumber you hire is professional, skilled, or licensed. Plumbing is sensitive and a small problem can end up costing thousands of dollars.

  1. Pipe Blockage

Regular and severe backups are often signs of sewer blockage. Things like tree roots, dirt buildup, or non-flushable items are the causes of such blockage. Blockage is a common problem, especially with rental houses.

You need to call a plumber during such a situation. Using your machines or chemicals can make the problem worse and require you to spend more repairing the damage. Trying to do it yourself is even worse because you might end up with a house full of raw sewage.

As if that is not enough, trying to fix a sewer line can also ruin your neighbor’s line since people usually share. The damage often costs thousands of dollars. It is cheaper and safer to call a plumber whenever you few a sewer blockage—give 5 Star Plumbing a try!

  1. Burst Pipes

During winter, most of the plumbing problems are in relation to burst pipes. Because it is cold and the water is frozen, the lines expand and lead to the breaking of pipes. They are unable to accommodate frozen water.

Cracked pipes can cause flooding and destroy a lot of property. Such situations are not a do it yourself project; you need to call a plumber.

Burst pipes are especially sensitive because it is difficult to know which pipe has the leakage or how to locate and fix the damage. A plumber is in a position to pinpoint the point of leakage and fix it. This will possibly save you a lot of money.

Unnoticed, the water will cause damage to your yard, below your foundation, or even behind and inside your walls. A plumber is also able to tell you if there is damage to these areas and you can fix them before they get worse.

  1. Major Installation

It goes without saying that being handy around the house does not necessarily mean that you can do any major installation unless you are a plumber by profession. It is vital to call a plumber during remodeling and renovations because they will be in a position to fix any pre-existing problems and prevent more issues.

Trying to fix a plumbing project without the right knowledge and expertise can easily result in expensive repairs and even entire re-installation. Twice the amount, time, and work for one project.

Call a Plumber Before Your Plumbing Emergency Escalates

Whether you are handy and prefer to do most of the fixes around the house by yourself, it is important to have a plumber on standby. Some situations are not DIY projects. Attempting to fix everything without proper expertise is a bad idea. You might end up spending ten times the amount you could have spent if you just sort the help of a plumber.

Unfortunately, plumbing issues usually affect the whole house, your foundation, your walls, your backyard, mold, among all other types of damage. Seek the help of a plumber in these major situations. When a problem you solve keeps recurring, call a plumber. You might have the handy skills, but there might be a bigger underlying problem.

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