5 Consequences of Delaying Your Roof Repairs

Posted December 24, 2021 by in Lifestyle
house with red roof

It’s easy to push back the decision on what to do with the roof or delay repairs due to the expense. Homeowners often weigh the cost of roof repairs with the other needs of their family, so if it looks like it’s going to be an expensive repair, they may put off the job for a little while. Unfortunately, this can have unintended consequences, some of which can be severe and cause major issues for the occupants or increase the expenses severely.

Homeowners will want to make sure the roof is repaired as soon as possible, even though it can be inconvenient and costly, as it will help them avoid all of the following. 

Water Damage Inside Home

If roof repairs in Sydney are not done quickly and steps aren’t taken to protect the house, it’s highly likely the house will end up suffering from water damage if it rains again. It doesn’t need to be a lot of rain for the water damage to occur. Plus, water won’t just flow straight down into the home. It tends to follow the path of least resistance, so that may mean puddling below the damage or flowing to other parts of the home, depending on how level everything is and what’s below the damage. This can lead to damaged drywall on the ceilings, damaged electrical in the attic, or other serious types of damages.

The only way to prevent this is by getting your roof fixed as soon as possible. Use a tarp to cover the damage for now, but water can still get through, so make sure the repairs are done as soon as possible.  

Pests Able to Get Inside

When there is damage to the roof, it allows pests to get inside. There are a number of pests that will come inside for shelter and food, including larger pests like rats, mice, or squirrels. There are also pests that may be attracted to water pooling in or under the roof when it rains. These pests, once they get inside, can all be very difficult to remove.

Pushing back the roof repairs makes it far more likely pests will get inside the home and can be difficult to remove once there. Homeowners should take steps to prevent pests from getting into the home before the roof can be repaired, but will want to seek repairs as quickly as possible to restore the roof and make it more difficult for any pests, large or small, to get inside. 

Mold Growth Inside

When there is water getting inside the home through a damaged roof, even if it’s only a tiny amount, it could lead to mold growth. Water doesn’t need to pool or even drip inside of the roof for this to happen. If the roof is damaged, it may not regulate temperatures inside the home as well, which could lead to excess condensation in the roof or allow for humidity to build. That’s enough to cause mold to grow.

The longer the roof is unrepaired, the more likely it is that mold will start to grow inside the home. Once this begins, it needs to be handled properly by a mold removal service in Toronto to ensure that it is completely removed. Some types of mold can be extremely dangerous and most types can cause sneezing, coughing, and other allergy-like symptoms in occupants, especially if it continues to grow in the home for a long period of time. 

Severe Structural Damage

Water getting inside the roof is going to lead to rot. Under the shingles is a lot of wood and the water can reach more than homeowners might realize once it starts flowing into the home. Depending on how much water there is and where it tends to go once it’s through the roof, the water could cause significant amounts of rot in the wood used to construct the home. When the wood is rotten, it is structurally unsound. The issue is, this can be hard to detect at first.

More creaking and soft spots in the floor can be signs of damage to the wood. If left alone, this could lead to the ceiling or roof collapsing, which can lead to serious injuries. Repairing the roof is necessary to help prevent any structural damage to the home. 

Safety Issues for Occupants

If water is getting into the home through the roof, even a small amount, the home could become unsafe. Mold and structural issues are going to be possible risks for anyone living in the home. Pests can lead to illnesses and injuries, as well. On top of this, the water could short-circuit the electrical system in the home or pests could chew through the wires, causing damage. If this happens, there is a risk of a fire.

Though the electrical should be designed to prevent a little bit of water from causing major issues, it’s always better to get the roof fixed fast so this isn’t something the homeowner needs to worry about. 

What to Do About Roofing Damages

Homeowners who notice any issues with the roof should contact a roofing company immediately for help. Roofing companies can do an inspection and determine the right course of action to fix the roof quickly and prevent any further damage or risks. They’ll also be able to protect the roof before the repairs can be done, lowering the potential for any of the above consequences to happen. Calling the pros can help the homeowner save a significant amount of money, as well since there won’t be excess repairs to the roof or inside the home to worry about. 

If you’ve noticed any damage to the roof of your home, now’s the time to get help. Delaying is only going to increase the damage, the expense of the repairs, and the risks to you and your family. Let the professionals take a look to see how serious the damage is and what needs to be done to repair the roof right away. This way, you can make sure everyone is safe and the home is protected.