5 Design Ideas to Make Your Outdoor Space Look More Classy

Posted April 28, 2020 by in Decor
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With the arrival of the warm seasons, your urge to spend time outdoors increases. By implementing a few design hacks, you can create your personal natural oasis in your backyard or patio. Access to a comfortable and inspiring outdoor space will make you eager to dine outside with family and friends, or move outside for your favorite activities like reading, meditating, and having a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.

 Here are top five design ideas for your stylish outdoor retreat:

classy outdoor space

Add a Water Feature

In many cultures around the world, the fountain is a symbol of vitality and prosperity. Water sounds are calming and reassuring to our minds, and modern fountains have a great aesthetic appeal. If your space is small, you can research outdoor fountains for the wall, which don’t occupy a lot of space and can give personality to an empty, dull wall.

Hearing the water stream will become a favorite moment of your day. 

Incorporate a Fireplace 

Besides water, another natural element you can incorporate in your outdoor space is fire. During colder evenings, a fireplace provides a feeling of comfort and warmth.

Coming in various stylish designs, fireplaces look effortlessly classy. The warm light also contributes to a soft and calming ambience, perfect for relaxation. 

Move Your Plants to Nice-Looking Pots 

If plants are the ruling element of your outdoor space, don’t place them in random pots. Take some time to find artistic, colorful or interestingly-shaped pots that can raise the aesthetic profile of your outdoor space. Some pots can look as intriguing as an art piece. However, you don’t have to go for expensive options.

You can refurbish various home items to create some original pots or paint your old ones. 

Add Some Eclectic Lamps 

When choosing lighting options, go for vintage or antique lamps that will give your outdoor space a dreamy, old-class feel. Even if you prefer more contemporary designs, don’t go for generic lighting options. Choose eclectic and interesting lamps or lanterns.

Remember that their layout is also important in conveying the right mood. Solar-powered lamps are a great eco-friendly solution. 

Add a Stylish Canopy 

To enjoy your outdoor space to the maximum, you need protection from the sun. This can be accomplished in various ways, using covers, screens and shades, but a canopy is a more interesting and classy option. Not only that the space will stay cool in the heat of the afternoon, but the canopy can have a glamorous look to it.

stylish outdoor space

Access to outdoor space is a great opportunity to exercise your creativity and design a place where you, your family, and your friends can spend memorable moments together.

To be comfortable, an outdoor retreat does not have to come at odds with the architecture and design of your property. It can be a natural extension in the same classy style. Although setting up the space might require a small investment, the benefits to your well-being are invaluable.