5 Different Things You Can Do With a Bandana

Posted February 3, 2021 by in Fashion

A bandana is a piece of triangular cloth that people use for both protection and fashion. Bandanas can also be influenced by different cultures as well.

While bandanas come in a wide variety of colors, the most popular color is red and red bandanas often remind people of cowboys and the wild-wild-west. This doesn’t mean everyone that uses a red bandana is a cowboy, though. There is also a wide selection of cool bandanas in a variety of colors and prints.

To many, the bandana is more than a piece of clothing, especially these days as a lot of people now wear them as protective gear. However, there are several other things that the bandana can be used for. We will focus on some other functions a bandana can perform:

Headband Sweat Protection

Little things can disrupt your workout session. Excess sweat during a workout can ruin your workout. While you vibe at your pace during exercise, things begin to get sour when a drip of sweat get into your eye. Even if you try to ignore it, you will be forced to stop when the burning becomes too much.

However, a sweat absorbing headband can improve your productivity during a workout, and a bandana is an optional headband for sweat protection. Although it is not tailor-made to serve that purpose, it can be used for it. 

Most bandanas are made with absorbent cloth to store sweat. 

Breathing Mask

The bandana can be used as a breathing mask. It protects your face from the dust particles as well as from COVID-19—although it may make you look like a bandit. Nevertheless, it is definitely a great way to stylishly protect yourself during this trying time

You only need to tie it around your face. Ensure that it is a little bit lower in your eye region so it doesn’t cover your eyes. 

Protection from Sun

Even while you journey through the scorching sun of the desert, the bandana can help reduce its effects. You just need to tie it around your head and leave the remaining part hanging down behind you.

The piece of clothing absorbs the effect of the sun from having a full impact on your head and this look will be nice nostalgia as this was all the rage back in the early 2000’s.

Use as a Bandage

If you have a clean bandana, it can be used as a replacement for a bandage in emergency cases.

You only need to be sure that the bandana is clean for use. If you have a dirty bandana, it can irritate the wound and infect it, so make sure it’s clean.


The bandana can be used as a napkin. However, this is not its primary use, but it can be used as a perfect replacement in emergency cases. 

You can use the bandana to wipe your hands and mouth when eating, and it can also protect your garments from getting stained while eating. You just need to tie it around the neck and have the larger part hanging down the chest. 

If you don’t have a bandana at home, you may want to change that. There are just so many different things you can do with them!

Did you follow the Lizzie McGuire-esq bandana trend back in the early 2000’s? Let us know in the comments below!

*Photos by Emmanuel Ajayi