5 Different Ways To Style The Denim Shirt: Men’s Fashion Guide

Posted October 7, 2021 by in Fashion

The denim shirt has become a prominent trend in men’s fashion this year, and there’s reason to believe that the trend will hang around for quite some time as well. So, you’ll definitely want to add a denim shirt texture to your wardrobe if you haven’t already. 

And when getting yourself this trendy garment, be sure to prioritize quality, as a good denim shirt can genuinely last a lifetime, especially when considering that this trend is not likely going to dissipate any time soon.

And if you aren’t too sure how to style your denim shirt, we’ve listed five styling options for you:

Denim And More Denim

Doubling up on denim is a perfectly suitable way to flaunt your denim shirt. And this is a pretty straightforward option that is also practical enough for a casual wear outfit. You can match your denim shirt with a pair of jeans and even throw on a denim jacket if you really want to emphasize your love for denim. 

The Denim Shirt And Shorts

A denim shirt can match perfectly with a pair of chino shorts and a white t-shirt for a trendy summer outfit. Other summer fashions also include light colors and the war-core aesthetic. That said, chino shorts aren’t the only shorts that pair well with a denim shirt, as you can pair them with various other shirts for a relaxed and casual outfit.

Throw On A Blazer

You might not think a denim shirt can pair well with a formal look, although you can create a more edgy semi-formal outfit with a button-down denim shirt and a suit. However, it is vital to opt for darker colors such as dark navy and black to pull off this look.

Alternatively, you can also wear your denim shirt with darker wash jeans and throw on a fitted blazer for a semi-formal and edgy outfit. This kind of look is perfect for social gatherings and various semi-formal events. 

Denim And Leather

Another great pairing is denim and leather. And to pull off this look, you’ll need a leather jacket. Because leather jackets are undoubtedly timeless, you should invest in one if you haven’t yet, and quality is a priority as this item will likely last you a lifetime. And a denim shirt pairs really well with a fashionable leather jacket, dark-wash jeans, combat boots, or comfortable leather loafers. 

A Sweater Beneath

You can wear a sweater or a hoodie for colder seasons and put your denim button-down shirt on over, keeping the buttons open. This is an incredibly fashionable look, and you should pair this unique combo with regular denim jeans or ripped jeans for a fashion-forward casual look.

There are so many different ways to wear a denim shirt that you should consider this garment a staple for 2021. And while a regular denim shirt is essential, there are also quite a few different denim shirt styles that you’ll want to add to your wardrobe this year.