5 Digital Marketing Tips for your Fashion Blog

Posted January 23, 2019 by in Career

Among the top marketing trends in recent years has been the explosion of blogs to build brand or product awareness. If you already have a website for your fashion products, you may be wondering why you would need another website. However having a blog in addition to your website can help you reach more viewers and potential customers. If the blogging world is new for you, below are five digital marketing tips for your new fashion blog: 

No shortcut to good content

The number one marketing rule for your fashion blog is to put up content that is relevant and well-written. So many times one comes across monotonous and clichéd sentences that are bound to be merely glossed over by viewers despite them pitching good products or services. This is because generic sentences and phrases will never attract readers in this age of information overload. So, ensure that your topic is directly related to your blog.

Follow the basic rules of blog writing like limiting the number of words, using headings and sub-headings, breaking up the paragraph and so on. In headings, use short, crisp words with a call to action like “Rev up your skincare regimen today” rather than a passive voice. If you wish to come up with impactful writing, explore tools like PaperDoers which has an impressive repertoire of writers.

They can match your blog up with fashion experts who are sure to come up dynamic content, specifically designed to suit your marketing needs.

Use SEO basics in content

No matter how creative and informative your blog content is, it needs to follow certain tips in order to be placed at the top of search engine result pages. Since it is a well-known fact that viewers rarely look beyond the first two pages.  This type of writing is known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO which ensures that your blog gets the maximum viewers. Among the fundamental SEO rules is to use the right keywords in your paragraphs, headings,  and if possible, in image captions. See that the keywords are directly related to your marketing needs as well as your blog content. For example if you wish to market your salon services, then your blog can come up with a topic like Make Up trends for this spring season to allow you to use keywords related to your business.

Remember that too wide a mismatch between the theme of your blog topic and the keywords will appear forced and may turn off potential customers. Though there are free keywords generators available online, keep in mind that your fashion blog deserves a customized approach for which you can get in touch with writing professionals at EssayWriter4U to work wonders for your blog.

Again, an essential part of SEO writing focuses on improving the page meta which includes page title meta tag as well page meta description tag. These are important ways that your website is found and ranked by search engines. However if you are unable to come up with an effective meta tag on your own, there are online resources like BestOnlineAssignmentHelp which can come up with highly effective ways to enhance the page meta of your fashion blog.

Involve other media

With attention spans shrinking every passing minute, it is crucial that the written content of your fashion blog is well complemented by videos or at least high resolution images. The popularity of how-to videos on practically every topic under the sun on portals such as Youtube should convince you to post a couple of tutorial videos on your fashion blog too; these don’t need to be long – perhaps a three-minute tutorial on the right way to apply mascara or use the curling iron.

If technical or bandwidth constraints make posting videos difficult, make sure that you have attractive images of good resolution to go with your blog. In case you are wondering how to spare the time to do all this, you can explore online resources like ThanksForTheHelp where experts will make sure your blog looks snazzy with the right images and videos.

Get editing essentials in place

Before you hit the publish button on your fashion  blog, it is always a good idea to get it checked for any kind of bloopers. Spelling and grammatical mistakes in your written content may send out the wrong message to viewers and potential customers. On the other hand, if your images and videos are not well edited, they run the risk of looking and maybe sounding tacky. Again, check your blog content to see that you have not made any technical errors for example mentioning wrong statistics or misquoting an expert. All such mistakes may make it difficult for your blog to be taken seriously which is why you may want to take a look at professional editing services. OnlineAssignmentWriting is one such portal which has expert editors on board who are sure to weed out all errors in your fashion blog and get it ready to be published.

Integrate your blog with other channels

It is simply not enough to craft the perfect fashion blog and let it be. You need to integrate your blog on other digital marketing channels, especially social media. Share your blog on your Facebook wall, your LinkedIn account, on Instagram pages and your Twitter feed. The more you put your blog out there in the online world, the more it will be seen. Unfortunately, this is very time consuming. If you find it difficult to market your blog along with running your business, consider using professionals like at TopAssignmentExperts for the purpose. You will not only be saving a lot of your time and energy but best of all, your fashion blog will be getting the attention it deserves.

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