5 DIY Projects to Try

Posted March 24, 2020 by in DIY/ Lifestyle
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Are you someone who is always looking for a new challenge, and who likes to keep their hands busy? Maybe you are interested in improving your home or creating new pieces to display within it.

If this is the case, you are in the right place, and you’ll want to try the following 5 DIY projects that will get your creative juices flowing and get your home inspiration started: 

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Upcycle Old Furniture Pieces

There is so much you can do to update furniture that doesn’t just end at the general shape or color. There are finishing techniques, stencil techniques, or even unique ideas like adding wallpaper to the front of drawers to get a new, textured effect.

Upcycling furniture can be a great DIY pastime if you’re looking to update worn-out furniture that you already have. However, you can always purposefully seek old or bargain pieces that you hope to improve and add to your home. 

Add a New Wall or Partition to Your Home

Adding partitions and walls to rooms in your home can be very beneficial to your home’s layout. Whether it’s a little more privacy you’re seeking, a closed-off area for a home office set up, or maybe you’d simply like a little more segregation in your open-plan space, easily adding plasterboard walls to your home can be a rewarding DIY project. 

Be sure to invest in quality supplies and screws to securely fix plasterboard so that your newly built walls are strong and safe.

Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to improve the look of your kitchen, but you don’t particularly want to spend a lot of money on a complete kitchen overhaul, a simple update of your cabinets can help them to look refreshed and new.

You could consider glossing, sanding, or painting them a completely new color, and you can also add distinct features like vintage cabinet handles or unique doorknobs to create a new design. 

Create Your Own Artwork for Your Walls

This is particularly fun if you have a family with small children, and are looking to create some unique pieces to brighten up your walls. You can easily buy blank canvas’ and painting supplies and go wherever inspiration strikes.

It doesn’t have to be an impressive portrait or natural landscape—sometimes, just splashes and streaks of color can be all you need for the wall, and the fact that you know your artwork is unique to your home makes it even more special. 

Repurpose Wood for Interesting New Pieces

Wood is a very adaptable material, meaning there are many things you can do with old wood to create new items for your home, depending on how creative you want to be. Below are just a few things you can do with repurposed wood: 

  • Create a new headboard for the bedroom 
  • Use for unique wall shelves in your home 
  • Unique accessory pieces, like picture frames or mirrors 
  • Side tables

DIY Projects to Try

The possibilities really are endless! Want additional tips and tricks? Read more: