5 Effective Ways To Dress For Success & Not Break The Bank

Posted October 16, 2019 by in Career/ Fashion
5 Effective Ways To Dress For Success & Not Break The Bank

How you look can greatly impact how well you do in your career, but sometimes it seems the financial cost of dressing for success can be a barrier. But if you think outside the box and are resourceful, then looking good and professional can be achieved without breaking the bank. 

Let’s have a good look at how we can best achieve this on a manageable budget and still achieve success:

5 Effective Ways To Dress For Success & Not Break The Bank

Only Buy What You Need Before Securing The Job 

What to wear for a job interview is a common topic for discussion, one that can be a whole article in itself. But in terms of not overspending on clothes before you even have the job, it’s a real consideration to keep your budget tight as there’s no guarantee you’ll get the job and you don’t want to be left with an outfit that’s of no use in any other situation if you’re out of work. So as a rule dress smart and tidy but don’t blow the bank account when trying to get a job, especially if it’s your first.

Know-How To Accessorize

One way to get the best out of a limited wardrobe budget is to accessorize well, like a new suit, office outfit or dress can be an expensive purchase. For ladies, small bits and pieces of jewelry, watches and light scarves can make the difference. For gents, it’s amazing how far a new shirt and tie, or shoes can go.

Shop Online To Get The Best Deals

It’s no shame to look online to kit yourself out, as there are great deals to be had and unless you’ve got the money to have your own clothes tailored then if you know your size, have a look and order it up, you don’t even need to take time out of your busy schedule to do this. If you get a good supplier that offers free delivery and accepts returns, such as johnhenric.com, then you can freely buy and try and if it doesn’t fit or even suit you then you can send it back.

Don’t Get Caught Up In Short-Term Trends

One sure way of spending more than you need on office-wear is to rush out and buy a slew of new items every time the trends change, as these can often be temporary and you’re left with expensive out of fashion choice that will just be an expensive mistake sitting in your closet.


Above all, and no matter what your chosen style ends up being is to make sure that you can wear it with confidence. Ensure it fits well and works for you if you are clean and presentable and can project confidence then this combination will be essential to getting ahead at work.

Looking good is important but at the end of the day, if you are not confident in your own ability, then it will show through no matter what you are wearing. 

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