5 Effective Ways to Find Math Help for Your Child

Posted September 1, 2020 by in Lifestyle
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Around 93 percent of US adults experience math anxiety. That level of stress begins in the classroom. Here, math feels like an alien concept and children struggle to keep up.

Making sure your child gets math help is a great way to make sure they don’t grow up with math anxiety. They’ll tackle math with gusto instead.

Yet how can you help with math problems if you’re not confident yourself? Read on to learn more:

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  1. Use Math for Real Life Problems

One reason why children can struggle with math in the classroom is that math feels abstract. Solving problems on paper takes away the reason you use math in the first place.

Let them use math on a daily basis around the home. This embeds math as part of their normal life. Using math this way boosts their confidence when they’re in the classroom.

Great places to use math include:

  • following recipes,
  • working out the time, or
  • handling money.

Even if you think you’re not great at math, you’ll have lots of experience with these problems yourself.

  1. Try Apps Designed for Math Help

Your child probably has experience in using apps on a tablet. If so, they could find math easier if they practice problems on an app.

The apps make math feel fun because they turn it into a game. That stops math feeling stressful and gives children the confidence to solve math problems.

They often give children the chance to earn points as they progress. This gives your child the chance to measure how well they’re doing.

Look for apps that tailor the problems to suit the level your child is at.

Try not to rely on ad-filled free apps. These ads are distracting from the learning experience and can cause privacy issues.

  1. Look at Online Math Programs

Alongside apps, online math programs can be a useful learning aid. Former math tutors often run math help websites so they’re designed to suit the curriculum. Because of that, you can easily find a math tutor online.

Math websites will offer video lessons. These sessions take your child step-by-step through solving problems. They often include discussion forums to provide extra support.

  1. Turn to YouTube

YouTube has evolved far beyond cute cat videos or music clips. It now contains a lot of educational content.

There are channels dedicated to providing math help at all levels, including college-level math. 

The only downside to using YouTube is it’s difficult to ask questions and get extra help if your child still doesn’t understand.

  1. Hire a Tutor

A great way to get math homework help is to hire a tutor. Tutors will tailor their delivery to suit your child. This means your child gets personalized help based on where they struggle.

Tutors are helpful even if your child is good at certain parts of math. They provide extra support to stretch your child for even better results. 

Check this page for tutors, which includes their specialisms.

Get the Right Math Help

Math doesn’t need to be a source of anxiety for your child. There are different sources of math help based on how your child learns and what they need to know.

Choose the route that suits your child and their learning style. Who knows? You may learn some new math too.

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