5 Essential Basic Dental Care Tips for a Healthy Mouth

Posted November 16, 2019 by in Health + Fitness
woman brushing teeth

Many Americans have poor oral health. If you don’t take care of your dental health, you could find that you develop gum disease and tooth decay. Your teeth need to be able to last you for your whole life. You only get one set of beautiful pearly whites. So, make sure you practice basic dental care to ensure that your teeth stay strong and healthy for longer.

Check out other tips below for dental care:

  1. Regularly Brush and Floss Your Teeth

Basic dental health starts by brushing your teeth twice daily. When you wake up after breakfast and before you go to bed at night. This needs to become a habit if you’re going to keep your teeth looking healthy and strong. You should brush for around two to three minutes per time.

You may even need to switch to an electric toothbrush to ensure that you get all of the plaque in and around your teeth. You should also use fluoride toothpaste.

You should also be flossing your teeth at least a few times per week. This can help to ensure that you rid your teeth of any leftover food.

  1. Visit Your Dentist Regularly

When was the last time you went to the dentist? You may not realize that you need to visit your dentist even if you haven’t experienced any problems. 

Regular check-ups can ensure that your teeth are healthy. This is even important if you don’t have any natural teeth of your own.

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  1. Avoid Alcohol, Cigarettes and Sugary Drinks

Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes can be extremely harmful to your general health. It’s also bad for your oral health.

There are under 34 million smoking Americans. If you’re one of them, you need to quit immediately to protect your oral health.

Even though moderate amounts of alcohol aren’t excessively harmful to your oral health. You need to limit how much alcohol you consume.

  1. Eat a Healthy Diet 

You need to ensure that you keep a healthy diet for your dental care. This includes lots of fruits and vegetables. Additionally, consume plenty of whole foods, such as grains and nuts. You can also fight off gum disease with a diet high in omega-3 fats, which includes fish and walnuts. 

Sugary drinks can also damage your teeth. Try to avoid drinking too many sodas and juices to protect your teeth.

  1. Wash Your Mouth After Eating 

After you have eaten a meal, there is always leftover pieces of food stuck in the gaps in your teeth. Over time, this can cause you to develop gum problems and decaying teeth. You can avoid this by rinsing your mouth with mouth wash after meals.

If you don’t want to develop gum disease or tooth decay, then you need to practice basic dental care. 

You may be fine simply brushing your teeth and flossing regularly. However, there are also other important dental care tips you should follow. Check out more right here on our website!