5 Essentials to Make Your Home Smart

Posted May 6, 2022 by in Home

Smart homes may seem like a relatively new phenomenon that is generating a lot of buzz among techies, but it has become a new way of living for many. A smart home is not just a physical environment but it is an ecosystem in which devices are interconnected with each other through the Internet of Things (IoT). 

The IoT helps monitor and control various gadgets or systems such as lighting and surveillance cameras. These smart gadgets improve users’ comfort level, convenience, and, most notably, efficiency. The smart home market is rapidly expanding. This is due to the fact that such items are more affordable and readily available. So, without any hemming and hawing, let’s get straight to the five essentials to transform your home into a smart home.

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5 Ways to Change Your Home into a Smart Home 

Every day, you wish for home automation to make your life simpler. In many respects, these aspirations are becoming a reality as newer technology emerges. When you strive to automate things at home, you will conserve a lot of your energy and time, which will help you achieve a better work-life balance. You may have a look at the Comfort Electrical Services and get some idea about home automation.

A smarter home makes it easier for you to be efficient and productive. If convenience is something you have always desired, here are smart home essentials to apply to make your dream a reality!

  1. Smart Sound Systems – Smart Speakers and more!

A smart speaker like Amazon’s Echo, Google’s Home Assistant, etc., has become one of the fundamentals of a smart home. These speakers may look little, but they are the powerhouse of a smart home designed to operate your commands in seconds. These speakers are connected to a wide range of smart devices that you can easily operate from a distance using your voice! 

All you have to speak is, “Hey Alexa! Turn on the lights,” and Alexa will operate the lights on your behalf through IoT. For this, you will need smart lights – and that is exactly what makes it an ecosystem – everything is connected to one another. These speakers can do a variety of things, including play music, browse the internet for you, set your alarms, search the internet, set your reminders, and more!

  1. Smart Lighting To Control Your Surrounding

Smart lights allow you to turn them on or off using just your voice command through your smart speaker or your smartphone app. But that is not it. With smart lights, you can change your room’s lighting as per your mood. You can use soft lights right above your head if you are reading at night and dim them accordingly. If you are in the mood for a party or prepping for a movie, you can use blue, red, or purple lights, etc., to set the mood. 

You can easily connect the smart speaker with your smart lights to create more efficiency around your home. All you need now is your voice command to switch on, switch off, dim, brighten, etc., your surroundings. You can turn on and off your lights and alter the mood of your surroundings with these powerful smart lighting solutions. You will also profit from electricity conservation as these smart lights are designed to reduce electricity costs and usage. 

  1. Smart Locks To Prevent Potential Criminals

For every homeowner, safety is unquestionably vital. So why not add those gadgets to your home that make it smarter and safer simultaneously? It has been proven that weak door security is one of the main attractions for a potential house burglar and robber. 

The new technology has led to the production of a variety of smart fingerprint-protected door locks or smart padlocks to provide uncompromised protection. Smart locks may be divided into three categories based on how they function: keypad locks, smartphone locks, and fingerprint locks. These locks may be controlled remotely from wherever even if you are absent from your home. 

You will conveniently allow select family members, friends, and helpers to your property even if they arrive without the key. You will also be able to lock your door whenever you are in a hurry and forgot to lock it! This way, you can take advantage of smart locks’ fascinating features while putting all of your worries at bay.

An element of home security that mostly gets unnoticed is window security. You need to take your window security seriously. Now window sensors have come that can detect any motion like locking/unlocking your window and notify you through alarms. Newer innovations include automatic window openers and motorised curtains to ensure maximum security and privacy. Here is one buyers guide to select the best automatic curtain opener.

  1. Smart Home Security Camera for Your Family 

The cases of home burglaries and theft have increased manifold and, in such cases, you cannot deal with your home security lightly. Using security cameras works as a good measurement to deter such potential criminals. Old security cameras had lots of limitations. These limitations allowed a burglary to occur despite the presence of typical security cameras at homes. 

However, with the emergence of new home security cameras, you can now buy numerous smart and modern home security cameras that are both wireless and weather-resistant. These devices might be ideal for safeguarding the exterior of your home. These modern cameras are a godsend for your smart home because they can film in 1080p high resolution and feature rapid rechargeable batteries.

You will also get to experience the sophisticated light vision feature, which helps in capturing clear images even during the night. These smart cameras have motion sensors that are linked to housing alarms. So if they detect any strange activity, they can automatically activate the alarm and even send emergency notifications to your phone. 

Unlike ordinary security cameras, these modern cameras are weatherproof and offer two-way audio and several viewing angles to give you a more comprehensive picture of the scenario. With these characteristics, you can identify any crime and prevent it from occurring in your house, ensuring that you live in peace and safety every day.

  1. Smart Entertainment with Smart TVs

Gone are the days when you required a cable connection to view your favorite channels. Now you have smart TVs which have preloaded apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, YouTube, etc. All you need is a fast wi-fi connection to stream your favorite shows and movies on these platforms. You can even give voice commands and browse the internet on smart TVs. 

You can play games, share your smartphone screen, send your phone content to your tv, connect your smart speakers, etc.

Every day, technology advances, and having a smart home has become a need. Smart homes were formerly thought to be exclusive to the wealthy, but they have now become affordable and integral to our daily lives. By simply adding the five essentials to your home, you can start building the foundations of your ‘smart’ home.