5 Exotic Restaurants to Spend a Lovely Evening With Your Love in Australia

Posted May 24, 2022 by in Lifestyle
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Soothing music, warm and elegant lighting, your favorite wine, and some delicious food on your plate and your sweetheart alongside you, what else do you need for a perfect evening?

Don’t you think evening dates are more pleasant and romantic than daytime ones? So plan such dates as frequently as possible, especially on the weekends, which can drive enthusiasm and happiness, relieving all the stress within you.

Life is all about making memories, so do you have enough memories with your partner?

Make your love sparkle and make your special one feel even more special. Let me help you weave another chapter in your love story, sprinkling a bit more new experiences. So, the most important thing was to find exotic restaurants. Did you find one? No? Okay, let me help you with this. Here are the 5 exotic restaurants to spend a lovely evening with your loved ones in Australia:

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  1. Quay Restaurant:

Welcome to the nature-inspired restaurant, where you may forget about your worries. Quay is Australia’s only restaurant to have won so many honors.

It is the most well-known restaurant on the Sydney Harbour waterfront, with a breath-taking view of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

Quay will treat you to some world-class cuisines you would like to taste. Chef Peter Gilmore is known for adding the most unusual and incredible flavors to the menu. 

He frequently works with farmers and fishermen who grow vegetables and fish meat to ensure that they are grown healthy and make sure his dishes have fantastic taste and flavors thanks to his unique ingredients.

  1. Birch Restaurant

Birch is usually known for its unique wine pairings. Birch is a well-known restaurant in Australia’s southern highlands. Birch leaves a lasting impression on both you and your sweetheart, as it offers a unique combination of novelty and warm welcome.

And the menu is organized to serve you modern Australian meals and some contemporary foods. Birch is a beautifully constructed restaurant that reflects its time and location.

It is designed with great ambiance and a cleverly crafted backdrop that makes you feel exhilarated with the overall atmosphere. More such restaurants can be found on the Australian good food guide.

  1. Alberto’s Lounge

Alberto Lounge is located in Surry Hills’ back streets. A location that offers wonderful food, great music, a relaxing atmosphere, and exquisite wine. It is an Italian restaurant that gives you a taste of Italy and Rome.

Pasta, Robata grill, ricotta, and gelato are among the foods cooked in this restaurant, all of which hint at authentic Italian flavor. 

This is a large space with a long hallway that extends to the bar and restaurant section, which has a pleasant atmosphere, beautiful woodwork, and some wine.

And the huge windows, several artworks hung on the walls, and the brightest lights enhance the location.

  1. Boathouse Restaurant

The restaurant is ‌in Melbourne and has a lovely riverside view. One of Australia’s most renowned master chefs leads this restaurant. Dinner on the banks of the Maribyrnong River, with a grass bank and river terrace view, fills you with a strange enthusiastic feeling.

So, if you prefer a lake view, this is the ideal spot. The food here is prepared with precision by the best chefs in the restaurant. The menu includes wood-fired pizzas, cheesecakes, and classic Melbourne desserts, among the restaurant’s most popular and requested delicacies. 

The restaurant also has a large space and a hall where you can host parties or other events with your family and friends.

  1. Hunter and Barrel Raine

Hunter and barrel restaurant is an excellent option if you want some delicious non-vegetarian food. This restaurant is ‌in Eastland and Raine Square.

Enjoy the delicious Hunter and Barrel food prepared on the coal and spit barbecue. 

You can go there with a sense of excitement, and the place will definitely fill you with delicious food, great wine, and celebratory vibes.

So, coming to the menu, there are trademark feast platters, hearty stews, slow-cooked meats, seasonal vegetarian options, as well as drinks, artisan beers, and premium wines.

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The delicious food will make you feel magnificent. Getting out of your routine can help you relax. What could be a better way to express your love than giving a romantic toast to your partner? Fill your plates with delicious cuisine, and your hearts with lasting memories sprinkled with pleasure and laughter on this lovely evening.

If you’re a restaurant owner and are seeking to get noticed invest on a good and reliable team for your restaurant marketing plan. Doing this will ensure more people will visit and try out your dishes.