5 Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Moving Company

Posted January 14, 2022 by in Lifestyle
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People relocate and move all the time. This is why people need help from professional movers, as it is not an easy process. With bulk and junk lying around, some professional intervention is really crucial. But you can’t just settle for anyone out there claiming they can help. You should look for the best movers Bellevue WA to be really comfortable and relaxed. Here are a few essential things to look for in the right moving company:

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1- Consider only licensed companies

There is nothing forcing you to deal with unlicensed contractors or companies. In business a license means that they are working legally and abiding local and national laws and regulations. You need to be sure of the kind of license the company has. For example, in some places a license can be valid only in the local area. So, if you are going interstate moving, you should make sure that the mover holds the right license for your needs. Also, you can check with the local or federal authorities if you want to be 100% sure.

2- Look for information everywhere

It is a great thing when you can collect data about the company from their website. The website can provide info about the company’s history, range of services and operating places. But doing extended homework is a great plus for your decision-making process. In addition to checking with the local authorities, you can ask around about the company. This means you should ask anyone you know with previous experiences with the company you have in mind. Also, looking for reviews and testimonials online is very useful. You can look for those on social media platforms or use search engines.

3- Reputation is a huge matter

Dealing with a reputable moving company will absolutely give you peace of mind. After all, everything you are moving is important and precious to you. So, you want the movers to deal with everything gently. A company with a good reputation will make sure everything reaches the new destination without losses or damages. This is because they have been doing so for a very long time. This is actually how they got the reputation. People won’t be diplomatic in their testimonials or ratings if they had bad experiences with the movers.

Also, a reputable company doesn’t hire anyone to do the heavy lifting. They pick their staff based on certain criteria. For instance, they won’t hire anyone without doing background checks. A company also doesn’t allow drug abusers to join their staff. All these measurements aim at keeping your belongings safe and well protected. 

4- Ask for estimates from various sources

Money is a very determining factor. You need to know from the very beginning how much the process of moving would cost you. This would eliminate any kind of surprises at the time of actual moving. Even if you are about to make a final decision in favor of one company. It is always good to ask a couple more providers for estimates. You can compare the prices and everything else to find a final winner.

5- Details matter in getting a reliable estimate

To get a reliable estimate you should be specific about the things that are going with you. Otherwise, you can’t have precise or accurate numbers that you can count on. When you talk about estimates, you should count everything you want including stuff in the garage or backyard. In case you miss to mention anything and the movers find it on the day, there are only two possibilities. Either the item will be left there or the company will ask for more money to move it. So, you must be really accurate. Also, a written estimate is a good thing to regulate and guarantee the rights of both parties. A verbal estimate on the other hand might be very uncomfortable because it depends only on words, which can be forgotten or manipulated. 

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