5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Life Coaching Services

Posted August 6, 2020 by in Lifestyle
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Deciding to use life coaching services is a big step, but not nearly as big as choosing your life coach

The person you chose to will have a major impact on your life so your decision needs to be carefully considered. Anyone can be a life coach, which only makes your job of finding a qualified individual even harder. Fortunately, there are a few factors you can keep in mind when you are making your decision. 

If you are considering hiring a life coach and aren’t sure who to choose, this short and simple guide is for you:

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  1. Education

While there are no legal requirements to be a life coach, you want to make sure the person you choose is certified as a life coach. People who are trained to be a life coach, are taught specific techniques to help their clients break through barriers and live a better life. While there may be coaches who are effective without formal education, you don’t want to risk your time, energy, and money on an untrained coach.

  1. Experience

Having experience under your belt makes you better at your profession, and this is also true for life coaches. You can ask potential coaches for testimonials, references, and reviews from past clients to check their experience.

If the life coach is new to the profession but you think they will be a good fit, consider their personal story. 

  1. Expertise

There are many different types of coaches for many different issues. You want to make sure the coach you are considering has the expertise to help you. If you need a confidence coach, don’t choose a coach who specializes in weight loss, as you will likely not get the type of support you are looking for.

  1. Philosophy

Life coaches come from many walks of life and this gives each one a unique philosophy they use with their clients. Talk to life coaches from your shortlist and ask them what philosophy they use in their practice. If they are coaching from a philosophy that isn’t a good fit for you, move on to another potential coach.

  1. Process

Just like expertise and philosophy, each life coach has a different process they use with their clients. Some might want to work with you intensely for six months, and others may have a more hands-off approach.

Seriously consider how a coaching process will fit in with your lifestyle before making your choice. 

When choosing life coaching services, keep the following factors in mind. Make a shortlist of coaches who have the education, experience, and expertise you are looking for. Schedule a consultation and ask them about their philosophy and process. Use your instinct to hire the coach you feel is the right fit.

Follow these tips and you’ll be experiencing the life-changing benefits of having a coach in no time. Don’t forget to browse our site for more tips on living your best life…even on a budget.