5 Features That Will Make Your Bathroom More Luxurious and Stylish

Posted October 25, 2021 by in Home

Is your bathroom looking a little worse for wear as of late? Does it lack in style and luxury? Do you flip through home décor magazines wishing your bathroom had some of those same spa-like features? If so, it may be time for a bathroom makeover project. There’s no reason why you should need to gut the space, since it may just require some simple updates.

Here’s a look at five features that will make your bathroom more luxurious and stylish:

Upgrade the Towels

If you want a quick and easy way to make the bathroom more luxurious and stylish, upgrading the towels is the perfect solution. Look for towels that are thick, plush and soft to impart that spa-like atmosphere. Also, the colour you choose will help to make the room feel more high-end. Colours such as crisp white, light dove grey, rich steely grey, navy or black are excellent choices.

Install a Statement Light Fixture

You may be used to seeing statement light fixtures in other rooms of the house and the bathroom is no exception. Designers recommend looking for a light fixture that acts as a focal point and a statement piece such as an oversized ceiling mounted light or a beautiful and ornate chandelier. It doesn’t have to be a traditional bathroom light, so feel free to step outside the box and be creative.

Change the Flooring

Another way you can instantly change the look of the bathroom is to install new flooring. You can upgrade to something more modern like a ceramic or porcelain tile, or you can choose something traditional and classic like hardwood flooring.

Check out places like woodstonebathrooms.com. This change alone may be all the bathroom needs to feel more luxurious. Flooring doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves in home décor. 

Paint the Walls a Neutral Colour

Painting is one of the most inexpensive ways to update a room and yet it has a massive impact on the space. Applying a fresh coat of paint should be on the must-do list, but take care in the colour you choose. For a luxurious feel, you want to opt for a neutral colour. Popular bathroom paint colours can include:

  • Soft rose
  • Pale sage green
  • White
  • Blue with grey undertones
  • Pale blue
  • Lilac
  • Grey
  • Taupe

Appeal to the Sense of Scent

It’s also important to appeal to the senses when creating a more luxurious space and you can do this by appealing to the sense of scent. Using a combination of scented candles, incense sticks, luxury soaps and even fresh cut flowers will elevate the feel of the room instantly. You can also change out the scent to match the season or holidays.

If you’re tired of a bathroom that shows wear and tear and is far from luxurious, it’s time to embrace some design features and updates that transform the space. With a little bit of work, you’ll be able to create a spa-like atmosphere.

*Photos by Ksenia Chernaya