5 (G Rated) Adults’ Slumber Party Ideas

Posted May 10, 2019 by in Lifestyle

Who says because you’re a grown-up, you can’t have sleepovers anymore? Some of the greatest memories you’ll make with loved ones will be during overnight stays. Whether you’re going on a trip or spending the night closer to home, there are some things that can only be experienced by booking an entire night. Entice your friends to hang out all night with these 5 (G Rated) Adults Slumber Party Ideas:

5 (G Rated) Adults' Slumber Party Ideas

Getaway Together

Plan a weekend getaway to escape the stress of daily life and get away with your friends. You can visit a nearby beach, go camping in the woods, or relax at a nice spa. No matter what you decide to do, your friends will thank you for the retreat.

If you and your friends are itching to use your passports, consider taking an eco-friendly flight somewhere you haven’t been. This will turn your one-night sleepover into a weeklong adventure.

Dance the Night Away

If there’s anything a sleepover needs, it’s loud music and dancing with your friends. Explore the city and dance the night away at a club or, have a dance party in the privacy of your living room with your loved ones.

As long as there’s music playing and good people, you and your guests are bound to have fun.

Movie Marathon

Round up your friends and tell them to each bring their favorite movie. This will give you all the change to get to know one another better without ever having to leave the couch. Don’t forget the popcorn and other treats!

Game Night

Invite your friends and their games over for a night of nonstop playing. You can break off into teams for a round of board games, challenge one another in a video game, or experience virtual reality in a group setting. If there are enough players, you could even throw it back to childhood and play night games.

Other Adults Slumber Party Ideas

If you and your friends are looking for something creative to do, you can spend the night laughing at your lack of artistic skills at a nearby paint night. Once you’re done embarrassing yourself, you can head home for an adult pajama party.

If your group likes the night sky, dress warm and head out to a rural area to look at the stars. The further away from the city, the better the view.

Not a fan of embarrassment or outdoors? You can always stay at a nice hotel and explore the city with your friends. Whenever you’re in a new place, always take precautions and know your rights in case of an emergency. Brauns Law, PC can help you discover legal and safety implications you may not have even considered.

Let the Good Times Roll

Take a step back from the daily chaos of life and celebrate the good times while you’re still living them. With the adults slumber party ideas shared here, you have plenty of options to tempt your friends into an all-night party.

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