5 Gift Ideas Your Boyfriend Will Actually Use

Posted July 23, 2020 by in Lifestyle/ Shopping
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Need to find the perfect gift for the man in your life? The struggle to get that jaw-dropping present is real, but it’s not an impossible feat. Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, or anniversary, there are endless options to make his day.

Here are five gift ideas that your boyfriend will both love and actually use:

Pamper and Polish

When you think of a gift basket for men, you might not jump to self-care items. Sure, you might leave out the floral handsoaps and pink fuzzy socks, but a boyfriend’s self-care basket can be equal parts relaxing and manly.

Grab some of his favorite products from hair gel to beard thickener. What’s sexier than a perfectly groomed face and tamed scruff? Get him the gift of high-quality products that will pamper his luscious locks and soften your smooches.

Hobbies and Happiness

What brings your man the most joy? Does he live for gaming or find comfort on the green? Get him a gift that shows you support his hobbies and nurture his happiness.

Buy him a set of custom putters with a pack of putter grips to match. Nothing beats high-quality equipment geared towards improving his swing. It’s a gift that keeps on giving each time he steps out on the course.

Dressed to Impress

Remember when you were younger and you cringed at the box of tube socks your parents gave you for Christmas? You’d be surprised how many adult men love the idea of opening clothing as a gift. Help him switch out some of those faded dress shirts for some crisp new threads. Add in a few graphic tees from his favorite shows, movies, and sports team, and you have a gift for any and all occasions.

Want some bonus points? Add a note to each article of clothing with the reasons why you chose them—it matches his eyes, it makes his smile pop, you go crazy seeing him in red. Whatever it may be, the added compliment adds a level of intimacy.

Future Gifts

Gift cards can feel like a cop-out, but there are ways to dress them up. Don’t just settle for one option, make a day of it. Grab a gift card for all of his favorite places and make it a date.

First, stop and pick out a new release for his favorite gaming system. Load up on snacks at stop #2, grab dinner-to-go at location #3, and head home. In just 3 gift cards, you’ve set up his ideal afternoon and created a date for you both.

Take the gift card concept to a new level and grab a gift certificate to various spots across town. Grab one for his barber, the local spa, his guilty pleasure restaurant, and a massage center. Treat your favorite guy to a day of all of his favorite things.

Remind him that he deserves to put as much effort into his care as he does to his work and others.

Subscribe and Save

Subscription boxes are all the rage and expand over various needs and interests. You can subscribe to anything from soaps and lotions to grilling tools and snacks. Spoil your special someone with things he’ll really love and use at the recurrence you choose.

Simply fill out a survey with his unique wants/needs and select the frequency of delivery. In time, you’ll acquire a full list of all the things he both liked and never used. In the future, you can give him full-size versions of his favorite items. As each package arrives, he’ll open the box in anticipation and appreciation for your thoughtfulness.

Do you have other ideas? Let us know in the comments below!