5 Great Ways to Get Healthier, Younger-Looking Skin

Posted February 28, 2021 by in Beauty

We all dream of aging like fine wine—but secretly, many of us worry about adopting wrinkles as we grow. Research shows that even women in their 20s are now stressing about wrinkles and other signs of aging, so if you’re worried about the appearance of your skin, you’re not alone!

Fortunately, it’s not hard to get and maintain younger-looking skin, provided you follow some simple best practices. In addition to the advice from your dermatologist, here are a few great ways to get healthier and younger-looking skin for the long-term:

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Moisturizing Masks

If you’ve been aiming for younger-looking skin for a while, you probably already know the importance of moisturizer. Moisture can reduce the appearance of blemishes and help it repair itself, keeping wrinkles at bay.

However, an occasional deep-moisturizing treatment is a key component of any home skincare routine. Once a week, don a hydrating face mask before you get your beauty sleep for the best effects! Overnight masks, where you can find them, can be even better.

Consider Collagen Supplements

Once we’re out of our teens, our collagen production starts to drop. This means that your skin gets thinner and more fragile each year, leaving it more wrinkle-prone.

Collagen supplements are a great and easy way to boost your natural collagen production. Supplements come in either pills or powders, and taking one on a regular basis can be a great way to help your skin stay young and fresh-looking for longer.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A derivatives are a key anti-aging ingredient for anyone who wants younger-looking skin. You may know these derivatives as retinols and retinoids. Both are great at encouraging cell turnover, evening out skin tone, and unclogging pores.

There’s a huge spectrum of products with these ingredients, but the best OTC products will include a high amount of either retinol or retinoid.

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is a liquid solution that helps remove one or more of the worn-down outer layers of the skin. This process can help the skin grow back stronger, smoother, and younger-looking than before. It can even help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and scars!

For this treatment, you’ll need to visit a dermatologist or a medical spa. It’s possible to do a home treatment in certain cases, but these milder options aren’t as effective as a professional-quality version.

Profound Treatment

This unique, FDA-approved treatment is a great way to reverse aging indications on the skin. As a non-surgical procedure, Profound treatment combines microneedles and radiofrequency treatment to give the skin a renewed appearance.

You’ll need to visit a healthcare provider for this option as well, but the quick process—often just 45 minutes to an hour—is a great way to leave your skin looking rejuvenated.

Find Your Way to Younger-Looking Skin

Though it may mean adopting some new daily practices, getting younger-looking skin doesn’t have to be a chore. From simple procedures to new habits to implement, you’ll find your skin looking young and glowing in no time.

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