5 Holiday Destinations That Won’t Break the Bank

Posted June 28, 2019 by in Lifestyle

Are you dreaming of your next trip away but are completely strapped for cash? Fear not – there are plenty of long and short-haul options still available to you, even if you’re on a tight budget. Self-catering accommodation, all-inclusive sunny destinations and getting around on foot are all great ways to save money. Here is some travel inspiration for when you need to tighten those purse strings.


Mexico has always had a reputation for being affordable. Staying in resort areas like Cancun can be more expensive, but by going all inclusive, you can save money and have everything on your doorstep such as activities, beaches and restaurants.

Another option is to go for a self-catering property and buy food from local markets, shops and stalls – local produce in Mexico is incredibly cheap. There are also a huge choice of fascinating Mayan historical sites and lush national parks of Mexico to explore – and many are accessible using public transport, which is much cheaper than costly private transfers.

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It’s no secret that Thailand is one of the most affordable countries to visit. Booking an all-inclusive package with flights and transfers is a great first step, as this will ensure you get the cheapest deal possible. Eating local street food and produce from markets will also help your money go further.

There are also plenty of free activities in Thailand. Many bars offer free live music; many of Thailand’s famous temples cost nothing to visit; and the majority of the national parks of Thailand are either free or just charge a nominal entry fee.

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The Mediterranean can be tougher on the wallet than far-flung destinations, but budget correctly and it can be very affordable. Last-minute breaks are a great way to save money, and you can often snap up a deal at an all-inclusive resort with food, activities, flights and transfers all taken care of. When getting around, rely on public transport. Buses and trains are cheap, and many Spanish cities have an underground rail system with simple pricing and easily understandable map routes.

If you haven’t booked an all-inclusive deal, self-catering is another good option. If you’re eating out, eat as the Spanish do – by having your main meal of the day at lunchtime. Lunchtime meals are often cheaper than evening meals in many local restaurants. Prepare yourself by eating a small breakfast!

Malaga, Spain!

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are inexpensive to get to, with many airlines offering cheap deals, especially if you are flying from another major European city. Travel light to avoid excess charges from airlines. Many resorts have great all-inclusive hotels that offer plenty of things to do, kids’ clubs, restaurants and transfers in the price of your stay. It is possible to secure a last-minute break, providing you are flexible with when you travel and where you travel to, so think about the Canary Island that best suits your needs. Buses and public transport are great for sightseeing and getting from town to town or to the beach, while remaining inexpensive.

For cheap eats if you’re not going all-inclusive, dine at local tavernas outside the main resorts for fresh seafood at a fraction of the price. 

 5 Holiday Destinations That Won't Break the Bank


Egypt is a great-value destination, with cheap hotels, food and things to do. From the Great Pyramid of Giza to the Valley of the Kings – adventuring out to see these majestic sights costs around £8 for entry (100 Egyptian pounds), making them very affordable. Local food, transport, daily tours and drinks are all very reasonable, meaning you can stretch your budget a little further.

Local restaurants serve up delicious dishes such as chicken, falafel, seafood, skewered meats and soups for around £3 per meal. In coastal areas, there are many beach resorts offering all-inclusive deals with food and drinks.  

Giza, Egypt

There are many destinations out there and experiences to be had that won’t break the bank  – all it takes is careful planning, budgeting and a bit of flexibility with the best Egypt vacation packages